A Musings Moment

21 Jun

Well, hello there, lovelies. Happy Monday. Its 3:30AM where I am, and while I should be sleeping, I am awake since I slept away the day in a flu-haze. Yes, it’s true. For the weekend, I was in pj’s, sipping chicken soup and reading fan fic in between fever spikes. When I awoke tonight after my three and a half hour nap, I thought two things:  1.) Oh my Jeebus, these new pictures of Rob, a favorite and future featured Rebel Royal, are going to be the death of me:

I used to love hammocks. Now I unf for hammocks.

I’d say the new haircut is working out all righty, then, yes? gulp.

And 2.) I think I may need to watch myself, for I’m a little in love with Cold and Flu Medications. Ahem.  *Insert Announcer’s voice: The subject of gratuitous over-the-counter drug usage is not appropriate for time or place. Moving. on*

So this isn’t a full vintage KJ Musing session, where you have to take bathroom and stretch breaks as you plow through. This is just a little moment, what have you, while I share with you what I foresee this week inspiring. I am doing this little Musings Moment for a few reasons:

Firstly a lovely lady from the UK @Evalola80, whom I adore writes me and says,”Obvs no pressure. But I kinda love your blog. When will you update again?”

I facepalmed a minute because I realized that I hadn’t told YOU lovelies what my writing schedule is, despite the fact that I’ve held myself to one for several weeks now. Bear with me, I’ve only been doing this for three weeks. Please accept my apologies for my idiocy in not communicating some of these details earlier. So, flashback to the tee shirt (i.e. entire reason for Musings On Other’s Existence) that I told you about in the first essay:

Kj Is Other.

And then envision another tee shirt to reflect my favorite day of the week:
Thursday Is Other.

So Thursday is my intended weekly update day. Groovy? My original plan was to write once a week, highlight a new Royal Rebel, and talk a little about life, love, unconventional beauty and KStew. So far, three entries in, I’ve done all right. The mind-numblingly flattering response received so far for Musings On Other, however, has nearly rendered me speechless. I said “nearly”. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

A second reason I wanted to post something today, is to empty my poor head out, and put the brainstorm on paper. This week, while already brimming with legendary promise (um, a little movie called Eclipse is premiering, and the cast is on Jimmy Kimmel), has been ripe with teachable moments in my real life–I am reveling in the power of women’s friendships, conversation and motivation to dance in the bubbles and follow the bliss. Also, our Reigning Other Queen Kristen has just killed the Eclipse promo tour, with her fashion choices, her poise, and her generosity with fans. I actually have too much to talk about! And we all know how long my musings can go, even when I’m focused! So this Thursday, I’ll most likely pay homage to Kristen Stewart’s fashion promo ownership and fashion steeze:
Doesn’t this look like the picture that comes in the frames when you buy them?

Oscar. de. la. Renta.  C’mon!

I’ll also probably talk a little about Kristen’s unbelievable generosity when interacting with fans. Her critics, The Bullshit People, as she and we deemed them in the last essay, have charged Kristen with being unfriendly, ungracious and standoffish towards her fans. Not according to this jewel of a video: 


I see a generous, sensitive girl who went out of her way to meet and speak with fans who waited days for her in Berlin. Did you see her running away from her car, towards the fans, almost shyly, as if she knew she would get admonished for it?  Did you see her do it anyway? uh. huh. OTHER QUEEN in the hizzouse.

A third reason for this Musings Moment (though, yes, I realize I’ve blown past “momentary” about 10 minutes ago. I’m wrapping up, swears), is to say that I’m excited about some potential contributions occurring in the near future. My beta and dear friend Bouffant00 is a brilliant writer and researcher. And in following her bliss, and embracing her Other, she is writing a piece for Musings about Other Queens Forgotten…Rebels of Yore. I’m very excited to see what B comes up with, because some of the Other Queens she’s considered? legend…In the same league as one Ms Joan Jett, even. Also, though she hasn’t completely agreed yet, I am hoping soon to create a collaborative Musings post, a conversation if you will, with the luminous CC of @KStewsBtrthanU regarding following our bliss and encountering Queen KStew’s many gifts along the journey. Lots of loveliness ahead, that’s all I’m saying.

Until Thursday, please continue to enjoy the onslaught that is the RobP0rn, and Eclipse Promo footage. Kristen and Taylor are wrapping up their international tour in Sweden as I write this. Set your DVR’s for Wednesday’s Kimmel Special Eclipse Show:

And please keep coming up with awesome synonyms for  OTHER that do not indicate WRONG.

Some favorites you’ve come up with:

Misfit   Rebel   Eccentric   Free   Hellion    Brave   Quirky
Keep ’em coming, keep ’em coming.

I am Other.

Thursday is Other.

Kristen is Other.

Embrace your Other.

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