Into the Wild, Into Synchronicity

14 Oct

Every time we say ‘Let there be!’ in any form, something happens ~Stella Terrill Mann

I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you? I believe in something referred to as synchronicity. I also believe in spontaneity. According to Wikipedia (because, let’s face it, it’s not culturally relevant if it’s not in Wikipedia, right?), synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. Swiss philosopher and psychologist, and one of my favorite figures in consciousness and creativity, Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to outline the idea of a  “connecting principle”,  and “a-causal parallelism”. Basically, we have a  connection between ourselves and our environment–socially, psychically, emotionally, spiritually–much deeper, moving beyond random occurrences. From a religious perspective, synchronicity can simply imply recognition of larger plan, a higher power. There are many ways one might refer to a higher power: God, Mother Earth, Goddess, Allah, The Great Spirit, Energy, The Universe, Our Heavenly Father…Wikipedia cites similarities between synchronicity and “a divine intervention”, and author and teacher Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) wonders if Synchronicity is “an answered prayer”. In the sixties, it was known as serendipity.

There are adages, cautionary phrases of, “Watch out for what you wish for” or “Watch out for what you pray for, you just might get it”…or, my favorites, “Things tend to work out as you need them to” and “Ask and you shall receive”.

I’ve had a week filled with synchronicities that I’ll talk a little more about perhaps later…But I also noticed a few fortunate, serendipitous events shaping our Other Queen Kristen’s trajectory as well.

This week, as Kristen and Rob have had several date nights, and Kristen made her appearance on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show— which I only watched because I’m a Team Kristen girl, (#TeamCoco, #TeamFallonKStewBesties), not because I am a Leno fan. We have seen more of our Reigning Other Queen than we have in the past month as she wrapped On The Road filming. Not complaining, oh no. If I can grab a glance at Kristen Stewart and her twin soul Robert Pattinson, my day is made. I know there is only a week or so before both Rebel Royals are due in Vancouver for the start of filming of Breaking Dawn. So Kristen promoting Welcome to the Rileys’ these days is allll goodness.

cool, relaxed, fresh, beautiful. Louboutins. perfection.

Jake Scott, son of Ridley, and director of Welcome to the Rileys’, spoke about Kristen’s performance at a recent screening. He reported what a coup it was to cast Kristen in the role of Mallory, the underage hooker who deeply effects the lives of The Rileys, Doug and Lois. Scott tells Film Journal International,

“I loved her in [the Sean Penn-directed film] Into the Wild. I thought, ‘Oh my God, who is this girl? That’s exactly the right quality I’m looking for in Mallory.’ It’s a sort of feral quality.”

Hmm. It seems that Kristen’s participation in that quiet, haunting film triggered a number or synchronicitous events: Kristen’s co-star from Into the Wild, Emile Hirsch, recommended Kristen to a director friend of his, whom I have a particular fondness for: Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown). Well, our chatty Ms Hardwicke was casting a small indie-project called Twilight in the fall of 2007. As soon as Cathy met Kristen, she was impressed with Kristen’s abilities and professionalism and cast her as Bella Swan. It’s now well- known in the legendary story of Twilight Casting, that the iconic role of Edward was not filled until the final moments. Robert Pattinson, a British musician, known mostly for his portrayal of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, was not working and by his words, “getting drunk for a year” (Vanity Fair, December 2009). He had heard of a casting call for Twilight, but he did not initially invest much interest in auditioning. Firstly, he was on the verge of leaving the business. Secondly, he dreaded having to participate in an audition in which he’d have to “take my shirt off”, as the role of Edward Cullen required features of physical perfection (which is up for interpretation in my opinion), including defined  and chiseled abdominal muscles. Well, a shift so phenomenal occurred, becoming a catalyst in Twilight history… and in Kristen Stewart’s history. What was the triggering shift? Rob watched a movie called Into the Wild.

“I went in mainly [to the Twilight audition] because I had seen Into the Wild and I wanted to meet Kristen.”~Rob Pattinson

Ahhhh. The Universe has an interesting way of connecting events, paving ways, yes?….Kristen’s participation in a film in which she had maybe ten or fifteen minutes of screen time, led to exposure  to two directors of future projects. These projects would launch her career into the stratosphere… Her portrayal of Tracy in Into the Wild compelled her future costar Robert to fly from the U.K. and try a last audition before he quit acting all together. Rob not only nabbed the role of the iconic Edward Cullen (he was the last person to audition), their chemistry lending to success of the Twilight Saga (It’s earned a gazillion dollars at the box office to date), but he and Kristen discovered their startlingly electric connection worked beautifully off-screen as well. Kristen and Rob are now partners in Otherness. One decision by Kristen to be apart of a meaningful project became the catalyst of  great wealth professionally and personally.

Voted #1 Magazine Cover of the Year



Last week we spoke of following our bliss and taking the risk by being creative and finding our true path. Kristen found hers by relying on her intuition and her love of storytelling, even though she had not anticipated being an actor. Thankfully, Rob just happened to rent a video of one of Kristen’s movies, prompting him to fly on his own dime and audition for the role that would change the trajectory of his career, and his personal life. Jake Scott also caught a showing of the same movie and felt inspired to cast Kristen in his small character-driven film WTTR. This role, and Kristen’s performance is garnering the highest critical praise of her career thus far, triggering even whispers of Oscar nominations. synchronicity doesn’t always manifest so dramatically, though. Letters I received in reaction to last week’s Musings illustrates this: You beauties have written of rediscovery of creativity after tragedy, rejection, boredom and stifling. Letters from literary agents, a talent for jewelry making, a voice of reason on public blogs, writing fan fiction, writing memoirs, painting, furniture making….you all were inspired by an event that led you give a chance to live happily, creatively, fully, fearlessly.

Synchronicity/Serendipity/Divine Intervention can appear to us in quiet forms:

  • A man admits to a hidden desire to act. At dinner that night, he sits beside a woman who teaches beginning acting classes on techniques.
  • A woman who is a stay-at-home mother has secretly painted for years and vows to herself to connect up with other painters for support and guidance. The next day, she finds herself in an online discussion group about creativity and discovers another artist who becomes her mentor and collaborator. She now has paintings displayed in galleries in two countries.
  • A writer wonders how to find a rare book he has not seen ever, but has heard about. He finds it in the neighborhood used bookstore two days later.

I did my own part of proactivity, by sending out into the world a handful of copies of the Musical Love Letter to Others via the Soundtrack Giveaway. On it, track #14, I believe, is my own music. It was recorded with the intention of being the soundtrack for a small independent movie produced by a dear , late friend of mine. Only a handful of family and friends even knew that I recorded the track, but now, not only have I given it to Musings Readers to hear it, but we’re handing it over to the manager of the Spanish lounge I told you all about in the Musings titled Miracle Bubbles. Hopefully, I can perform a little bit at that lounge, as they were seeking musical performers a few months ago. But mostly, I feel a great relief that I did keep my quiet musical abilities sequestered away. If only five people hear the track, then I am successful. But in actuality, it just opened up more doors.

Here’s just one of my stories of synchronicity this week: While I was burning the Musings Love Letter to Other playlist onto CDs for last week’s 5 giveaway winners, My manager Kathryn (the lovely artist Kathryn LeGrice, whose paintings have been featured this past week), put on the CD to listen to for background music. Twenty minutes later, in walks my friend RA who just happens to be a gifted musician and a recording engineer. He also is my ex boyfriend and musical collaborator, recording and playing guitars on the musical track I placed on the Musings Soundtrack/Love Letter. I hadn’t seen him physically in almost two years. He just comes walking into the living room in which I just happen to be sitting, wanting to visit Kathryn and Keiron. And he brought with him an old friend of mine from childhood, John, an obscenely talented painter and sculptor. Hadn’t seen him in nearly 4 years. They both scream in joy and wrap their arms around me. John says,” I just was talking about you yesterday. I was craving you.” So now? I will be going into a recording studio for the first time in over 7 years to record a demo CD with RA,within the next week or so. Because it’s out there, and I want to keep pushing myself to create and share.


In a continuation of fortuitous connections, I introduce this week’s Featured Royal with a great big smile. The lovely Ms Emma Stone fulfills my #GingerQuota for Musings this week, but alas, I learned in my research that she is not a natural ginger. She is a blonde, but director Judd Apatow (guide and mentor to many of our Favorite Misfit Rebels including James Franco, Michael Cera) recommended Emma dye her locks red for her debut role in the comedy Superbad starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Well, how else is this beautiful girl a perfect example of divine connection? She starred in Zombieland alongside last week’s beloved Rebel Jesse Eisenberg, as Wichita, a con artist traveling with Jesse and Woody Harrelson’s characters in a postapocalyptic land infested with zombies. How else is this beautiful Rebel serendipitously linked to Otherness? How bout via The Queen herself? Emma was named, along with Reigning Other Queen Kristen, and Featured Royal Rebel Carey Mulligan as one of Vanity Fair’s Actresses to Watch in the Hollywood Issue from last March. Note the hot Ginger in these pics.

At only 15 years old when she campaigned to leave her home in Arizona, Emma moved out to Los Angeles with her mother in following hopes to break into the acting business. She convinced her parents she needed to try acting by pitching a power point presentation called “Project Hollywood” to them. She is known as the comedic, klutzy, every-girl, approachable while also insanely beautiful. See her projects: The House Bunny and the recent charming film Easy A and witness her portrayals of intelligent, searching, women on the cusp of social acceptance (OTHER).

Emma discovered her love of performing when she acted in school plays and community theater productions. She dropped out of  high school to make room for auditioning and completed her studies via home schooling. She debuted on television in the short-lived (only the Pilot Episode was shot) The New Partridge Family. Other creative avenues she’d like to pursue? Film production and more comedy work. Her dream was to host Saturday Night Live, in the footsteps of the show’s regulars: Molly Shannon and Gilda Radnor. On October 23 of this year, Ms Stone is scheduled to fulfill that wish: She will host the late night comedy sketch show. She has been cast in the role of Gwen Stacy in the re-make of The Spider Man films, opposite Andrew Garfield (another Team Other fave)’s Spider Man. Oh yeah. And Andrew is one of Rob’s (Our Poet Warrior) best friends from Britain. See how interconnected everyone really is?? Well, I’m all for the funny, smart, every-girl finding success in the chaotic dance that is show business. So I continue to cheer on this wonderfully refreshing girl from the Team Other skybox above the field.


*Credits her family as keeping her grounded and authentic in the Hollywood Chaos

*Grew up idolizing comics such as Gilda Radnor and Molly Shannon

*Gravitates towards roles of intelligent, approachable women instead of physically “beautiful” women


Jake Scott also spoke about Kristen when he was at a recent screening for WTTR. He reports being enthralled by her instantly because of her screen presence and “feral” quality in her scenes of Into the Wild, and rejoiced when he she was cast as Mallory in the film. In describing Queen Kristen?

“She’s very vulpine…wily, kind of twitchy. Directing her is kind of like wrangling a herd of cats”.

People may take offense to this description of our girl, but I am not one of them. I feel like Jake Scott just described exactly why she is Our Other Queen. Unbound, unrestrained, raw, bursting with energy. One might call that wild. Or spontaneous. Jake did say that he wanted Mallory’s “feral” qualities to emerge, yes?….Well, there you have it.

“Kristen, more than anyone, would go off-script or off-course, but it would be brilliant and it would work.”

Kristen is committed for the next six months to the filming of Breaking Dawn. She will see this franchise through to the final wrap and promotion, for she recognizes the blessing of being a participant in the Twilight Saga. She has been given opportunities to work on projects that are character-driven and of great value to her. She is able to challenge herself in her craft that she loves. She is building an already impressive foundation for a long-lasting, successful career, and she is doing so with her collaborator and love, Rob.

Rob is also enjoying the fruits of his prayers answered–synchronicity–he has just completed his busiest work year to date, filming Eclipse, Bel Ami and Water For Elephants over a span of ten months. Ask and you shall receive? The Universe provides? These blessings and nudges of encouragement in our lives very well could prove to be a collaboration with our selves, and our higher power, the collective. But we have to be willing participants as well. For every moment we uncover our desire to be present, aware and proactive in pursuing our authentic work, we are opening ourselves to a beautiful partnership of  living. Whatever you choose to call it, once you embrace it, you will find that is popping up EVERYWHERE.


*Is spontaneous and willing to go off-script

*Idolizes actors, Others,  like Catherine Keener and Kate Winslet

*Gravitates towards roles of intelligent, courageous, unusual women, instead of  the “Pretty Girl” Roles

Continue down your path of seeking grounding and authenticity, as Kristen and Emma do. Look for the signs that encourage and support your decisions to be artful, outside the box, authentic, different, and brave. The signs are everywhere. Forget focusing on the petty in-fighting and strange competitiveness that is present in this fandom and cyber world, and turn your attentions inward, to yourself, your own path, your own greatness. Let Queen Kristen be your guide and role model, but understand that you need to do the work as well, even if that simply means, asking for help, following your instincts, or admitting that you’d rather be a T-Shirt maker instead of an accountant.

Because I actively intended to release some of my creative work into the world via music and ramblings on Unconventional Beauty, I am still able to stand on the Homecoming Queen Float.

Because she looks to triangle-haired, and sometimes spastic comediennes to be her performing role models, Emma Stone is a Royally Rebellious Other.

And because she will completely go “off-script”, embodying impulsive, spontaneous moments of expression,  regardless of appearance, and still producing a “feral”, raw, honest performance, Kristen Stewart is our Reigning Other Queen.





QUESTION: HOW HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED SYNCHRONICITY/SERENDIPITY IN YOUR LIFE? How have you ventured into the wild, and experienced its blessings?

17 Responses to “Into the Wild, Into Synchronicity”

  1. KStew is better than you October 15, 2010 at 1:20 am #

    KJ My Soul Sistah,
    Loved this weeks musings, as per usual. You surely know how to crank them out. I bow to you. Especially since I spent the night before as a hot mess on the tele with you. You’re an angel. For real.
    NOW for this week’s Rebel! I love Emma Stone. I am a huge Superbad fan. It’s P’s favorite movie. He’s a very, very complex soul. Anyhow, he would drool over Emma and I didn’t know who she was until he shoved her down my throat through google and I was hooked. She is smart, witty, and hot! Plus… gingers… need I say more!?
    As for your question…have I ventured into the wild and experienced its blessings? Oh in so many ways. In so, so many ways. This was my wildest adventure, and it has by far been the most rewarding. I suppose the most valuable thing I learned is the bigger the risk the bigger the payoff. I mean, I always knew that, but to know something and to LIVE something are two entirely different things. For instance, in less than three weeks I’ll be flying across the country to make out with you, Iris, Jamie, Josie and KimmCarr. Well see now that is a blessing. Good friends–could a girl ask for anything more in this lifetime? No. While I wouldn’t call our bloggie relationships turned real life best buds serendipity, I would most definitely call it fate.


    • KJ October 16, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

      My soul, my CC,
      I always think I know how to respond to your feedback, but then when it comes down to it, I am speechless. You do that: you stun me. I mention you and our phone call in the new addition of Sentence Completion Fun on the About KJ page here. I don’t talk on the phone that much (residual trauma from a devastating counseling job I had via call center), so it was a big deal that I spoke at all that night, and I was so honored to be conversing with YOU…about flying and …stuff. I too love Emma Stone. I think I saw her first in Superbad but fell in love with her in The House Bunny. And yeah. It only pleases me more that she’s a ginger on top of it all!! I am actually going to say that you and I WERE touched by synchronicity…remember? mmmember? I wrote you an email all those months ago when I was at a creative low, and unemployed and uncertain. You wrote me back an awesomely supportive and warm letter (I confess, I fangirled a little) and just a few weeks later, you were in my task force, brainstorming with me about what has now evolved into Musings!! A case of me reaching out and asking for guidance, and receiving it in the sweetest way possible–in the form of a new creative outlet (Musings) and now dear dear soul mates (eyeing YOU, you sexy thang)..Fate, synchronicity…I am one blessed little girl. Luff you. I’ll be seeeeeing youuuuu… ♥

  2. MyCleverAlias October 14, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    I find myself at a loss for words in the face of yours. Refreshed and inspired get closest. It’s interesting; I love so much to read about the women and men you feature here, love thinking more about the talented people who defy expectations and live by their own rules. (And by that I mean you and your friends as well as the famous Others and Rebels.) But I always also come away unsettled as well. Because your Musings make me think, make me wonder, make me question. This is a great thing. I do not think it is coincidental that as this blog blossoms, it was exposed to me at a time when I’ve needed to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you, as always, for the inspiration and the time you put into your thoughts and your words. I was just away for a long weekend with dear friends, and I told them about Musings, as I know they will love it too. Perhaps they will find themselves inspired as well. 🙂

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

      Hi my friend. I have to disagree with your statement that you are at loss for words, I have never found that to be the case for you. Conversely, you’re quite articulate and informed and intriguing. I love that you walk away from Musings with musings of your own, that was always my main intent. There is much to ponder out there, and I am enthralled with those of you I’m meeting to exchange ideas and brainstorms. It is SYNCHRONICITY at work here, this blog becoming known to you at the exact time you are asking the hard questions. Thank you so much for coming back here each week and checking out the ramblings, and always providing kind, insightful feedback. You’ve been around from the beginning, I know. And look at you–spreading the Musings love…We can all continue to inspire each other, yes? Be well..always, KJ

  3. Missy October 14, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    K-wonderful post, as usual. You have such a way with words and an extreme ability to capture the qualities of these women that I didn’t even know I loved until you mentioned them! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!!!

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

      Hi Brothaa, thanks for stopping by and checking out my weekly ramblings, and thank you kindly for your warm words. It’s my pleasure to research and highlight these Others, these Royal Rebels that are living the authentic life right in front of us, showing us the way. Hugs to you, sweet friend, and I’m excited to see you soon! xo, KJ (Doc)

  4. Misty October 14, 2010 at 8:04 pm #

    Great post. It is always interesting about how one small thing you do can pave a path for yourself and others.
    Love the comment Jake Scott made about Kristen. He gets her. There is a picture of Jake and Kristen from Sundance that some posted on twitter today. It’s so sweet. He is hugging her and she is leaning into him w/a look of comfort. They obviously have a respectful and close relationship. Kristen must be one hell of a person to know as she seems to inspire such devotion from those who are around her and have worked with her. It is truly amazing.
    Congrats on your music. It is great the opportunities that have opened up for you.

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

      Hi Misty! I’ve seen that picture with Jake and Kristen, and meant to try and include it today, but my mind raced ahead of me and I didn’t get to slip it in. I agree, he gets her. She has an impressive bevy of admiring costars and colleagues in her wake, ready to defend and praise her in the blink of an eye. Kristen indeed is a very special girl. Thanks on the music congrats–I’m terrified, but that’s how I know it’s the right thing. The greatest blessings that have come from pursuing the Creative Life for me is meeting and exchanging thoughts with brilliant thinkers and brave Others such as yourself. Thanks for coming back each week to read and give kind feedback, my friend. And when you have a moment, email me your address–you’ve got a beautiful LeGrice Print headed your way, babe! Always, KJ

  5. nail October 14, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    K, i would so rather be the T-shirt designer…..i think i’ll go sketch some ideas out on my legal pads…*wink*…love you, K. see you in the neighborhood.

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

      Oooh. Oooh! Nail! You uttered some sexy words right there. You know my how I feel about writing tablets…I SO would rather be the T-shirt designer as well. Love you too, darlin’. I be seein ya, babe. xx

  6. Matt October 14, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

    The Homecoming Queen Float has never had a more worthy participant. I am over-joyed to see all the women responding to you and your wonderful message. “Let Queen Kristen be your guide and role model, but understand that you need to do the work as well, even if that simply means, asking for help, following your instincts…” You and the lovely, interesting young women who have responded so positively to your message have provided this old guy some real inspiration.

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

      Hi Matt. I’m always so in love with your feedback when you visit Musings. Thank you so much for your warm, intelligent comments. I am just as bowled over as you are with the positive, brilliant stories shared by Readers here, I am absolutely convinced that Musings Readers are the brightest, bravest fans in this fandom, truly. And I truly believe that our collaboration and awareness together, bound by our mutual admiration of Kristen and Other Royals, we can have the judgement and hatred towards Unconventionals dissipate. Thanks for being apart of the movement, my friend. Always, KJ

  7. tiybor October 14, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    Kj, thanks for your post! I was really impressed with Emma in Easy A…she has a lot of natural charisma. Like Rob and Kristen, when she is on the screen you don’t look anywhere else. It would be great if she was cast with either of them in an upcoming movie…star power!

    Regarding the “wrangling a herd of cats” comment by Jake Scott…I didn’t see it as a negative comment either, far from it. I think it’s a sign of a great artist, to be filled with creative energy to that degree and then to be able to channel it into her performances. Kristen has always been described as a dedicated, disciplined worker. She just has that rare ability to “let her face hang out,” as I think she herself put it.

    I always love your blog. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

      Hi my bloggie/musical friend! Nope, I knew you wouldn’t construe Jake Scotts as insulting. I find that he simply outlined clearly the very reasons why Kristen is unique and Queen Other. All we ever hear from her colleagues is how dedicated and focused she is. She is in it to win it, for sure. If she and Emma Stone were to ever be on screen together, that would be almost TOO MUCH goodness! Magnetic! Emma is a very charismatic presence as, well I agree. It’ll be wonderful watching her journey too! Have a lovely weekend yourself, lovie. xo, KJ

  8. kimmcarr October 14, 2010 at 4:34 pm #

    Lovely Kj, I read every week. I don’t often comment but this week I just had to. I adore Emma Stone. I am so excited to see her career blossom. It’s serendipitous that this week you’ve chosen to focus on her as I’ve been talking non-stop about how much I love this girl. (and how much I want Kristen and Emma to share the screen and, duh, become friends – I ship #EmmaStew even if it’s not real…yet)
    Love you, Kj! xx

    • KJ October 14, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

      Hi Kim, my sweet girl! I’m so glad you came out to comment. Emma Stone is glorious, isn’t she? Serendipitous indeed! I didn’t realize I was going to write about her until I simply started. She’s a perfect muse and a lovely representative of Other for sure. If she and Kristen and/or Rob were to share the screen, that would be outrageously gorgeous and compelling!! Love you too, babe. See you soon! xx

    • KStew is better than you October 15, 2010 at 1:13 am #

      of course KimmCarr commented this week. of course she did.

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