Team Other’s Musings & A Rebellious Beauty Giveaway

23 Dec

A/N: Thank you to everyone who read and commented the past two postings, you all continue to humble and stun me. I am a complete fail in replies lately, and I apologize. I will make it up to you today (at least, I think it’s a lovely compromise…more on The Giveaway momentarily). Also, I’m posting late today, later than I hoped anyway, because it has been an epic battle between myself and the formatting system of WP. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt today because it’s Christmas, and because I know that the pictures in this essay are out of this world, and maybe this site simply cannot handle it…?

Soooooo Happy Christmas Eve Eve, to all who celebrate it, and Happy Winter and end-of-year-goodness to us all. Some of us are digging ourselves out of sky-high snow banks or rowing boats down our streets in response to the copious rainfall at this time. There was only one time in memory in which my streets in my hometown actually, truly flooded and that was when I was maybe 17 years old and the flood control channels had collapsed under the weight of too much rain too fast. Californians, as laid back as we are, uh, we don’t do so well in rainy conditions, let alone floods. My very metropolitan hometown literally shut down and ceased working because people had no idea how to drive or move through flood water. So my brother hopped on his surfboard and paddled through the neighborhood scoping out routes in case of evacuation. It was surreal watching him paddle down our street in chest-high waters.

I grew up in a beach city. This wasn't at all an unusual vision. Not gonna lie, it didn't suck.

Anyhoo. Just a moment of reminiscing there. Which is what today’s Musings will be about. Today is a fond stroll in recollection, collaboration and perspective, like last week. I have decided not to do the Kristen Retrospective just yet, and instead am going to do something a teeeensy bit different: An awe-filled “roundtable” reminiscing and bonding with fellow Others.

Side note: People are so freaking talented.  This pic was posted in kiarolina81‘s photos. I found it by googling “Christmas and Kristen Stewart images”.

Oh!! And we have another  Giveaway! I’m so cracka-lacka excited about it, I can barely contain myself. Not even sure how to hold it together till the end but I hope to entice you with today’s contents…It’s the end of the year, it’s the season of giving and collaboration and L-O-V-E. I want to share  (since Sharing IS Caring) with you all the workings of the most incredible women I have the pleasure of knowing and working with: Team Other.

Musings On Other, aka MOO– Buff and I snicker and make silly jokes of the cow variety whenever we can–is possible because I have an amazing team of ladies who support and prettify my ramblings…You lovelies and O.G. Musings Readers know that Bouffant (A Cyber Sister) and CC (KSIBTU) are the two beautiful ladies who encouraged me to step out and say hello to this crazy-beautiful fandom on Day One by publishing the very first essay on Unconventional Beauty and Royal Rebels:  Molly Ringwald, Kristen and Me. And Buff, because she’s generous, kind and probably pitied me, volunteered to design a banner for my “Kristen Support Project” after I wrote her an email asking her advice on how to create an interesting ‘look’. Because these ladies have been such an essential part of Musings and my journey towards Bliss and supporting Kristen, I am giving myself the gift of conversation, reminiscing, Otherness and KStew to commemorate this First MOO Christmas. Below you’ll find the candid Musings of my fellow Team Other Captains (Bouffant, CC and Buff), recipients of my utmost gratitude and adoration….I answer some questions, but you all have already heard some of my answers either in an essay or  from the incarnations of the  About KJ Page.


Stunned? Yeah me too. Alas, it's a picture of Queen Kristen...Musing. The first of many Buff & N Collabs. Wait till you see the Giveaway.


Q: When did you realize you had become a member/involved in the Twi/Kristen/Robert Fandom?

Bouffant**I’m pretty sure someone chloroformed me, as I cannot recall how it all happened.
CC## I guess I realized I was a member when I received my members only jacket, quite like the one Rob has. Kidding! I guess it’s when I got an influx of emails literally the day after I posted my first post. And then people were so gracious and generous in responding to my mindless ramblings. I was in awe of the reaction. So I guess I gained some readers… and they were involved… and then we became forever involved together—like one big polygamous involvement.
Buff :::I didn’t really consider myself at all in the fandom until I started writing fan fiction.  If anything, I would have said I was a heavy lurker.  But looking back I was enthralled for sure with the Twi world and Kristen and Rob.
KJ<>I was a supporter and reader of the books since Summer 2008. But I think I realized how deep I was when I was in Indonesia traveling to see one of the Seven Wonders of The World last summer. And while I was climbing Buddhist temples or presented with a view of paradise,  I still  kept checking around for  a WiFi connection to see if there were any Kristen or Rob news. Seriously.
Q: What was it that first drew you to Kristen, Rob and/or Twilight?
Bouffant** The twinkle in Cedric Diggory’s eye?  The cut of his robes?  The way he cast a spell?  I just knew Rob had ‘it’, and I’d see him again. Note: I am always right.

I was drawn to Kristen by her demeanor in the Twilight promo.  I liked that she was thoughtful and earnest in interviews, but didn’t take herself seriously.  There was (is) nothing false about her.

My nieces drew me to Twilight.  Although if Rob and Kristen weren’t in the movies, I’m sure I would not have seen more than the first, and perhaps not even that one.

CC## Have you seen how pretty? That’s what. I looked at a picture on my TV of Vanity Fair (THE Vanity Fair) and I thought—fuck—they are too hot for their own good. Throw in a little google and the issue of In Style in 2008 and I was addicted.

Buff::: The pretty. No. seriously.  I hadn’t read the books yet but kept seeing those damned commercials, and I remember thinking they were both ridiculously good looking.

KJ<> Would THIS be the pretty you’re referring to?  Yes. I recall it well.

Q: When you first heard Rob Pattinson’s singing voice….you..…?

Bouffant** Did the aural equivalent of a double-take.

CC# Came? Yes I did.

Buff::: had an orgasm. Can I say that? Actually I had terrible writers block in the middle of writing Eclipsed Heart and I decided to try listening to music while I wrote – I usually needed silence to concentrate, ask my hubs he hated me when I was writing.  But I thought I’d give it a go and I downloaded a bunch of his songs before I had ever listened to them, so I played those and after I pulled myself from the puddle of goo I had become the words literally flew out of my head.  So his voice was a definite muse for me.

KJ<> My knees buckled. Cheeks grew hot. Mouth dropped open. Had to excuse myself from my cubicle…for…a moment…O_OoO0

Q: Best director in the Twilight Saga so far?

CC## SHUT UP. IF BUFF’S ANSWER ISN’T CATHY WE AREN’T FRIENDS ANY MORE. Obviously Catherine. She nurtured the relationship that we fell in love with. It’s the reason we love the Saga.

Buff:::  Cathy

KJ<> uh. #TeamChattyCathy here.

Q:  How has being apart of this fandom changed you?

Bouffant** I vacillate between feeling like a kid again and feeling as old and wise as Carlisle Cullen.  It’s a little dizzying, to be honest… but not so bad

CC##I get the most incredible emails from people all over the world. I love it. Even if we talk only once, I love that people take the time to say hello. I have also sincerely gained some friends for life. I am such a shy person by nature—meaning I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know face to face. So all of these girls come out of nowhere and email me and we develop these relationships that surpass this ‘fandom’ and it’s real. Whereas R/K used to be our focus, it’s all very secondary now.

I care about Jamie’s niece being premature and whether or not Iris was going to get to adopt Bo. They are some of my best friends and I can’t even explain how important they are to me. My faith in humanity has been restored tenfold. Also, I spend a lot less time with normal humans because I am looking at pictures and jotting down my thoughts.

Buff::: I don’t know that its changed me.  I am an introvert by nature, so if you threw all of us into a room I wouldn’t speak half (any) of the shit I tweet, write, etc. But its easier to be out going this way.  One thing I have gained is more confidence in my writing. OH! Duh! AND, I learned how to use photoshop.


Q: Who in your personal/3D/Real-life knows your level of involvement in the fandom?  *Big Grin*


CC## I consider my KSIBTU girls and bloggie bffs my real life. They all know. The people in my life before then? They have an idea that I like Kristen, but that’s it. It’s not a secret—they just don’t care. I’m sort of glad because I don’t want them to ruin it. I just want one thing to belong to me. I want to keep one thing sacred, and it is. I love the friends I’ve made through this experience. Honest to God, I’m so lucky.

Buff::: Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BBBBBBAhahahahahahahaha. My husband.

KJ<> I’m slowly but surely merging my 3D world with my Cyberworld/KStew/Rob/ Twi world. Outside of my Cyber Sisters and you lovely KSIBTU Girls, N knows, but doesn’t read MOO. My brother knows I write a little and admire Kristen, but  his knowledge is only to an extent. My SIL Puss and my dear friend Kathryn are probably the two people in my pre-Musings world who are most aware of my involvement. They don’t judge. They join me on my quest to learn more about Kristen and Otherness, and the Featured Royal Rebels with me each week.


Q: Favorite KStew movie ?

Bouffant** The Runaways
CC## Easiest question ever! #LisaPForever

Buff::: Hmmmm… I’d probably have to say Adventureland because I love that movie.  But there are still KStew movies I haven’t seen (I know – for shame) So I’m going to say the jury’s still out on my fav KStew movie.
KJ<> I think…gah! That’s hard. I’m gonna go with Adventureland. Speak and The Cake Eaters were IN.CRED. WTTR and The Yellow Handkerchief shook me.  But overall, it’s all about Adventureland. #JesseEisenberg #MartinStarr #ReingingQueenKristen #GIANTASSPANDA

Q: Favorite KStew interview thus far?


I refuse to answer this question. Elle UK, Entertainment Weekly, Nylon

Buff::: Elle UK

KJ<> Elle UK, Nylon, Jay Leno #HankyPankyGame

Q: Favorite KStew Quote?


Verbal: “I think it’s funny that when I go onstage to accept an award, they think I’m nervous, uncomfortable, and awkward—and I am—but those are bad words for them.”.

Non-verbal: The double-finger salute to the paps in Australia.

CC## It’s a tie between, “I feel very faithful to truth and I think when people are afraid of that, they’d rather try and feign cynicism and experience. I am not cynical but I am not naïve either. I take things for what they are,” and

“sincerity seems to be a problem today, but I prefer to be hated than be false and fool people.” She is wise beyond her years. She says what she means and she means what she says, otherwise she wouldn’t bother saying it. I appreciate that. She’s not blowing hot air.

Buff::: They’re bullets, Mofo!

KJ<> I love the quote that Bouffant picked out. So much. I also love THIS (OHai, JHiggs, my love!):

Q: Favorite KStew fashion moment (s)? Steeze?

Bouffant** Converse

CC## Please. Everyone knows this. I’m a broken record. Two words: The Pucci.

Buff::: I do not consider myself a fashionista by any means so I always hesitate to give my opinion on this.  I can tell you what I think was pretty, weather that deems it fashionable I can’t qualify.  My favorite fancy KStew look from this year is Letterman KStew, and the Eclipse LA premier because the cut of that dress? x_x Wowza.

The Goods:


  • Favorite Holiday Movie: Double feature: Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer & It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Favorite Ice cream flavor: Hand it over, don’t bother me with nonsense about  flavor!
  • Books I’m Reading now: Just finished Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.
  • Last 3 songs listened to on my iPod: The last three songs on Come Around Sundown
  • When I was 8 years old, I was good at… Successful use of Clackers without putting an eye out, counting stars, riding my bike to the top of the hill


  • Favorite Holiday Movie:  Love Actually
  • Favorite Christmas/Hanukkah Food: I don’t have a specific favorite Christmas food. I love it all. The pasta course is probably my favorite because my aunt makes the best sauce. We also have these stuffed breads that are ridiculous. And Chanukah? LATKES FOREVERRRRRR. With applesauce, please!
  • Number of Homes I’ve lived in: 8
  • Three Random Facts about Me: 1. I never wear the color red;  2. I interned at the United Nations while I was in College and one day got the chance to go bowling in the White House. Swear. I have pictures!;  3. I hate carrots.
  • Fan Fic that OWNS me right now: Ohhhhh KJ what a loaded question. I struggle with ff. I hate almost every story I’ve ever read, due largely in part to the ending. I also hate when people are in the midst of a juicy lemon and scream ‘IIIIII LOOOOVEEEE YOUUUUUU’ as they climax. Hey, have you ever had sex? DO YOU SCREAM THAT OUT? NO. YOU DO NOT. If the man is making you see stars, and I hope he is, you don’t talk!!!!! I also hate stories that are hardcore and then turn into fluffy bullshit after they say ‘I love you’. STOP. Love doesn’t make you brain dead and it doesn’t change who you are. Give it to me hard.So what owns me? These 4 fics are the best of the best right now, IMO. 1.) A Pound of Flesh. She is brilliant. It’s not some mushy pussy fest. It’s hot. It’s erotic, and I love this Edward. One word: peaches. UNF. 2.) True Love Way. It updates daily and it’s so poetic I want to sing. I think that TeamBella is a gift from God. Her stories will break you in the best way. Her fic Closer (and its sequel California Waiting) are two of my favorite stories ever written. 3.) The Cullen Campaign. It’s smart and sassy. And once again, it’s not lame. 4.) Dead on my Feet. It’s hard. It’s real. As someone who has seen a sick young person for so many years… I appreciate the honesty of it all, and the writer doesn’t fuck around.

from SimplyKristen's Tumblr


  • Favorite Holiday Movie: White Christmas because its a classic.  Elf is a close second becasue smiling is my favorite. 🙂
  • Items on your fridge? Pictures of family, my kids’ art work, various magnets, dry erase/cork board with bills leering at me.
  • Mood Today? Happy, Christmas is two days away!!! Fa la la la la LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Three Random Facts About Me: 1.
    My wrists are double jointed – I think – I can turn my hands almost all the way around.
    2. I wanted to be a veterinarian for years until I found out it consisted of more than just playing with puppies all day.  3. I used to score from midfield. (That’s what she said.) No, get your mind out of the gutter….goals. I was a sweeper with a big kick


  • Fan Fic that OWNS me right now: Ugh. Yesterday I would have said TLW, which is awesome, but then I read The Plan and it is genius.


  • Favorite Holiday Movie: Love Actually, A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, Elf
  • Last 3 Songs listened to on my iPod: Check the Musings playlist. Mostly Christmas, though ALL inspiring with a dash of Stevie Wonder, Joan Jett and John Lennon.
  • Number of Homes I’ve lived in: 12
  • Three Random Facts About Me: 1. I have dislocated both knees at least 3 times apiece. 2. I leave caps off of any bottles I open. Lots of spills in the house. 3. I am a recorded singer on a movie soundtrack.
  • Fan Fic that OWNS me right now: Whoa there. Don’t get me started on FF. But since it was my question…here’s what I’ll say. 1. The Righteous and Wicked– oh fuck. As I my Sister Readers can confirm, as can @takemetobliss & @kate_suena, keep a snack or some smokes nearby for instant oral gratification while reading it. Just do it. UNF. 2. A Pound Of Flesh-I am somewhat in LOVE with Edward in this one. Ok, TOTALLY in LOVE with him. He’s one sexy mofo. 3. Full Disclosure–falling in emo love…my friend @MissBettySmith takes you there. 4. Starry Eyed Inside — I will read anything written by Rochelle Allison. She is poetry. 5. Tunes with Tony Masen is climbing up there. Different, intelligent, part mystery, part adventure, ALL unresolved sexual tension.

Musings On Other:

Q: How do you see Kristen embodying her Otherness?

Bouffant** I have never witnessed a young woman so steadfastly withstand an onslaught of energetic opinion and judgment (pretty much all of which ultimately has little to do with her by the way) and remain confident… and, at the same time, humble.  Being inside herself, and having (because of her youth) somewhat limited life experience, she probably does not realize how inspiring that is.

CC## Kristen is unapologetic and authentic. She owns everything she does, and that is a lot more than most of us can say right now.

Buff::: Her honesty.  That’s the simplest way to put it.  She is honest in her words and actions no matter what the popular opinion, and I admire that.

Q:  One word or phrase that describes the Other Beauties at this “roundtable”

Bouffant says** Bouffant= Hairy ;; Buff= Picturesque;; CC= Merry (Krismas!);; KJ= Tender

CC says## Bouffant= Brave;; Buff= Generous;; CC= Idiot;; KJ= Enchanting

Buff says::: Bouffant= I’m sad because I don’t know Bouffant as well as I’d like..yet;; Buff= _____;; CC= Beautifully Witty;; KJ= Altruistic-compassionate heart and soul

KJ says<> Bouffant= charmingly clever;; Buff= overwhelmingly talented;; CC=gloriously brilliant;; KJ= stumbling forth

Q: How have you embraced YOUR Other?

Bouffant** With gusto and perhaps tipsily

CC## I am me. This is who I am. Take it or leave it. I love myself (most days), and that’s not an easy thing to do.

Buff::: I do my best to hold my confidence and not let outside pressure sway me.

KJ<>I would accept the homecoming queen nomination if it were offered to me today, instead of decline it and slink away as I did over a decade ago.  That’s a HUGE concession.


Ok so I seriously was debating on keeping these prints to myself because I can’t stop staring. But I want to share them with you lovely Readers because you all appreciate and support our Reigning Other Queen Kristen, as well as the pursuit of Bliss and Creativity. Also, you, like me, think that Kristen is Royalty, and that Buff and N (my husband) are a geniuses with what they do (this means they’re both artistically gifted and they both tolerate me. Takes a lot of patience and goodness to do both). And you know what? I agree. So without further ado…Here are the first ever Musings On Other Photo Prints featuring the Blissful collaboration between my lovely, insanely talented husband N and his photography and the brilliant and PATIENT photo editor and visionary, Buff82. Collaborating in the name of Perspective, Bliss and Otherness.



Dude. I know. I KNOOOOWWW.  Have you collapsed in utter (or udder #MOOHumor courtesy of Buff)  astonishment? When Buff first sent me the proofs, I burst into tears. N looked over at me and then the laptop and said, “Wow.” About his own work! But also because he clearly admires, as do I, the way that Buff took these pictures and made them transcend. A cool piece of knowledge: there are more where these came from. I have at least three other MOO MASHUPS (Buff & N Collabs) to share with you. We’ll see the other Mashups in the next few weeks. I have to share them. I MUST.

Here’s how you become eligible to choose 1 of these 3 photography prints (8×10, matted)…Just pick at least 3 of the questions that Team Other answered above and give your own answers in the comment section below! Easy! You can tell me what you thought when you heard Rob’s singing for the first time, or what your favorite KStew Steeze moment was. Or you can share how you’re spending these holidays, or how you’ve embraced Other in your own life…The possibilities are endless!

I have truly, truly enjoyed having the conversations with Bouffant, CC and Buff resulting in the candid and wonderfully honest answers above, and I look forward to hearing YOUR Musings On Other too. Until next week,  take care of yourselves, continue to seek and celebrate yours and OTHERS’ Unconventional Beauty. Stay safe and enjoy your time with your beloveds during this holiday weekend…. Always Yours, KJ


Merging the fragments: An Indonesian Wayang Puppet (shadow) & Christmas





A/N: I’ll announce 2 winners for the Giveaway next week. Winners have their choice of one of the three prints featured above.

*Give some lovin to Buff at her Twitter @Buff_82 and/or N via email: for their blissful collaboration.

*Thanks for holding the space for Bouffant, Buff, CC and I to jabber about the great things in this world–ice cream, Chatty Cathy and Kristen Stewart. *Let @Bouffant00, @Buff_82 and @Kstewsbtrthanu know if you reacted to their Musings on Twitter…

17 Responses to “Team Other’s Musings & A Rebellious Beauty Giveaway”

  1. Nhess_V December 28, 2010 at 12:44 am #

    It is but fair enough to share my thoughts as well since you lovely ladies gave it your best for us to see a glimpse of where you came from before you consider yourselves as Others and where such recognition has taken you now.

    I chose three (3) questions which is as follows along with my reasoning.

    1. Best director in the Twilight Saga so far?

    For me, it’s Catherine Hardwicke. Not only because, she & I share the same month & day of birth (which I’ve only come to know after a, the only woman who directed and pioneered the making of the Saga, but mainly because of how different TWILIGHT is from the other movies of the Saga. It never ceases to amaze me how Cathy put together an awesome cast which in return became as one of the solid foundation of the Saga other than the story itself. Twilight has this SOMETHING in it which can’t be described by words. And with that, I am forever grateful to her.

    2. When did you realize you had become a member/involved in the Twi/Kristen/Robert Fandom?

    I would want to focus my answer on the Kristen fandom. It is because had it not been for her, I wouldn’t have come to know the Saga and Robert. I will make references here and perhaps take you to a memory lane as to where I originally came from. I am a poster and a member of the KStew IMDb Family. Yes, we ARE a Family over there. Some people might have misconception of our dear board, maybe because of some negative posts they are reading over there esp. the one from the trolls/haters with which I can’t blame them but truth be told, it is my first home and that is where my love for Kristen is/was nurtured. When WTTR was making a buzz back then after it was screened at Sundance that still it doesn’t have a distribution company, people from IMDb made such an effort so the fans voices will be heard because we believe in Kristen and in this movie, hence Rileys Rebels was formed. Gio was active then at IMDb. He communicates to us and lets us know some ways of which we can be of help. Twitter was needed, so a lot of us decided to create our accounts to help spread the word. And from there on, I eventually became part of Kristen’s fandom with which gave me opportunity to come to know her fans from all over the world.

    3. How you’ve embraced Other in your own life?

    Back then, I didn’t have a full understanding of the concept of being an Other. Not until one incident has happened to me in RL. I was able to share this experience via my friend’s blog.

    Here’s the link:

    It’s all about having such power to make the situation twist into a positive side. People may see it as a mistake but I see it as a way to express the Other in me and let them see the gracefulness and beauty it possesses. And I am proud to say that I did not fail. 🙂

    And that’s it for now, KJ. I will never get weary of spreading the concept of Otherness and Embracing every part of it. 🙂

  2. randommama December 26, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    Beautiful musings as always! Inspiring as always! Okay, time for the 3 questions:

    Q: Who in your personal/3D/Real-life knows your level of involvement in the fandom?

    RM: No one really! Friends & even husband & kids know I love Twilight & are obsessed with the books & films, but no one knows how far my love truly goes & exactly why I’m online nearly every day!

    Q:Items on your fridge?

    RM: Since I have a stainless steel fridge, nothing on the front, but the little bit of side that’s exposed & is magnetic is just full of clip on magnets with Papa Murphy’s pizza coupons. Can you tell that this family just loves to eat Papa Murphy’s pizza?

    Q: What was it that first drew you to Kristen, Rob and/or Twilight?

    RM: The books were introduced to me by a friend, when I was asking for new reading recommendations. By that time I was already behind the phenomenon. The supernatural love story in the books and how it’s so relate-able & can take someone back to that special time in their life was what drew me in to the books.

    Rob and Kristen being the absolutely perfect Edward & Bella drew me into the movies.

    And what drew me into Rob and Kristen was first that certain “spark” between them that I instantly caught once I watched the first film. Their chemistry was unreal, unlike any b/w two actors I’ve ever seen & I knew in my heart that something more was bound to be with them. Then there was their acting abilities and as I found out more about them, they’re very different from many of the YHW actors out there–special & unconventional! Of course, they both are very beautiful inside and out & they certainly both have the “IT” factor! Lastly, their love story is just one for the books, very swoon-worthy, and I can’t exactly pinpoint why but fascinating! Together they are just in their own stratosphere & totally squee-worthy–no matter what they do: film, photoshoots, interviews, or even just commentary–that Robsten bubble is some powerful stuff & c’mon can’t help but get drawn in!

    Keep up with the wonderful musings! Always makes my day and I’m in awe of you ladies talents!

  3. robkris13 December 25, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    Sweet Sister, thanks for another great posting! I loved this format a lot!

    Q: Favorite KStew movie?

    Welcome to the Riley’s without a doubt! Kristen was beyond amazing in WTTR! But a tie for second place would be between The Cake Eaters, Speak, TYH, & The Runaways!

    Q: Favorite KStew Quote?

    That would definitely have to be “They’re bullets, Mofo!”

    My second favorite is:

    “I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.”

    Q: When did you realize you had become a member/involved in the Twi/Kristen/Robert Fandom?

    When I found myself staying home nights and weekends researching everything I could find on Rob and Kristen! I started lurking on the AT board in late 2008 and would read through the thousands of posts as everyone discussed info to determine if they were together. This was before the haters took over and it was actually a fun place to hang out…I don’t go there anymore. Also, I knew I was a huge fan when I kept reading the books over and over! I eventually bought the audio books so I could have my Twi fix when I was in the car!

    This is fun! I’m actually wanting to answer all the questions! haha!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. april December 24, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    Merry Christmas KJ!

    God Bless!

  5. Crystal December 24, 2010 at 1:03 pm #

    First of all, thank you for the shoutout! I have YOU to thank for my Righteous & Wicked addiction and thats what it is. Seriously. Owns me.

    Those photo collaborations? *dies* STUNNING. Good work N! Good work Buff! WOW.

    Alright, here are my three questions & answers:
    1) What fanfiction OWNS me right now?
    How could I NOT answer this one. I take any chance to talk about fanfiction I can get. Especially at the most innapropriate of times. No lie. I got into the “butter” story at work and now my nickname around the casino is Buttercup. Truth? I kinda love it. So yes, OWNING me right now 1-Motu, OBVIOUSLY 2-The Plan. Seriously. I plan my day around the plan. J asked me at breakfast this morning(yes thats coming in an email for you I swear but he IS still moving to Cali and we are still dunzo) he asked me what the hell the Plan was because his twitter feed is full of it 24/7. Oops. Lastly, 3- Righteous & Wicked. 4- Last Tango in Forks, HOLY, butter? Need I say more?

    2) Last three songs listened to on iPod:
    “Hot like Fire” by the XX (and taken from the Righteous & Wicked playlist. “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Judy Garland. “Bad Romance” cover by 30 Seconds to Mars (and a total fanfic inspired song choice) Yes, its bad when 2 out of 3 songs on Christmas Eve playing in my car are fanfic related.

    3) When I was 8 I was really great at…:
    Acting. Total passion of mine. Won some awards all the way up until high school. I just never persued it after grade 12 and probably for fear of failing.

    Et voila! And you know how to find me!

    Merry Christmas darling! xx ❤

  6. ladybug December 24, 2010 at 8:18 am #

    Loved all of your insights!

    So here goes nothing:

    Q: When did you realize you had become a member/involved in the Twi/Kristen/Robert Fandom?
    I was never a girl to woo and ahh about celebrities or movies or anything really (maybe except for books). And then I read Twilight, and then I watched the movies and then there was Kristen and Rob, I was hooked! To this day I still can’t believe I got myself this …
    I think I realized I was kind of a member of the fandom when I had a hard time putting the googling and youtubing to finish papers for grad school, and when it did not go away after a few months.

    Q: What was it that first drew you to Kristen, Rob and/or Twilight?
    Well the pretty is obvious but I still think that both of them have that IT thing that just draws some people in. I can’t quite explain it…
    Q: When you first heard Rob Pattinson’s singing voice….you..…?
    I melted into a puddle…then I emailed it to my best friend and wrote “This man should not be allowed to this (not without a warning)…I’m dead.”

    Q: Who in your personal/3D/Real-life knows your level of involvement in the fandom?
    Best friend and boyfriend, that’s it. Other people know I like the movies and have read the books but I’m all calm, cool and collected about it.
    Kristen and Rob are not that well known in Portugal so there’s not many opportunities to talk about them when not in relation to Twilight.

    Q: Favorite KStew movie ?
    Adventureland! It was the first Kristen movie I ever saw and when I was praising her to my bff when she told me “You know she’s in those Twilight movies…” (I had no idea!). Then I read the books and the rest is history… So yeah, so far, it’s gotta be Adventureland.

    Q: How have you embraced YOUR Other?
    I don’t make apologies for being who I am. I’m me, I’m this, take it or leave it! The problem is sometimes I’m not even sure what being me entails but I’m getting better at it everyday.

    I can’t stick to 3 and I can’t shut up. (I’m sorry for the lenght.)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:37 am #

      please don’t ever apologize for feeling compelled to talk and share! Thank YOU for participating in the Q & A and for your insight and warmth. Are you on twitter, my dear? Merry Christmas to you as well. *Waves to Portugal* I spent only 1 day in Portugal, years ago and I loved it. I await the day when I can return. And Im with you completely, I realized I was in deep when I would rush home after work to see if any new YouTube vids posted. gah! xo, KJ

  7. Jessa December 24, 2010 at 8:06 am #

    I love the Musings from you and the Team Other Captains in this week’s post. It’s such a fun Q and A!

    For me, my favorite Kristen movies are Adventureland and Into the Wild. I love Adventureland for the humor, the heartache, the hotness of the ending, it has it ALL thus it has a permanent home in my disc-changer so it can be watched whenever the mood strikes. Into the Wild is one of my favorites because not only did I think it was an excellent movie, but it was the first time I ever heard Kristen sing. Her voice is really something special and it is an outrage her songs aren’t on the soundtrack (for shame Eddie Vedder and those who were in charge of this). I’d like to know the reaction of your panel upon hearing Kristen sing for the first time! 😉

    That brings me to my reaction to hearing Rob sing for the first time. Honestly, at first I couldn’t believe it was him because for some reason it wasn’t how I’d imagined his voice to be. It is more raw, honest and pure than I expected. What a treat, indeed! I like to close my eyes and just *feel* his voice. I do that listening to Kristen sing, too. They have a special way of conveying such deep emotion through their voices, it feels very intimate and soulful, passionate. A duet would probably kill me. And it’d be absolutely the best way to die.

    I’m spending the holidays surrounded by my family, here at home, since we have Christmas dinner at my house ever since the mini-me arrived. Everyone’s arriving today, both sides of the family. I’m excited to have everyone together, sharing the joys of the season, experiencing the holiday through the eyes of my daughter. At her age everything is magical and it’s a blessing to be reminded of the beauty in the little things. Not gonna lie, I will be imbibing mimosas; I shall need copious amounts of the bubbly to deal with some (all?) of my family members, but that’s par for the course around here!

    Happy holidays and happy winter to all. Thank you KJ for your inspiring Musings, something I continue to look forward to each week. Much love to you. Xoxo

    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:40 am #

      Hi Jessa, so beautifully stated, as usual. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and warm, insightful observations. You’re right, Kristen too has a unique voice doesn’t she? A Rob and Kristen duet? No, not a bad way to parish at all. Enjoy your family and the mimosas. I will be doing something similar starting tonight. Happy Holidays and Winter to you, my dear. Thank YOU! xo, KJ

  8. ellelala December 23, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    KJ… can you guys do an audio chat or something at some point, because I would love to hear how this convo went down.


    1. Favorite KS movie: i’m going to have to draw between WttR and TYH. The performances are so starkly different, but she was so good in both. They really give an interesting snapshot of her as an actress. Although Speak, TCE, Adventureland, TR and Fierce People are way up on my list.

    2. Favorite holiday movie: I don’t have one. For real. I like a lot of holiday movies, but I don’t have a favorite. However, I used to watch the Star Wars trilogy (the original 3: parts 4, 5, and 6… b/c those other 3 suck balls hardcore, imho). I don’t think those count as holiday movies per se, but since I watched them on the holidays, I’ll count them as mine.

    3. Best director: so… I haven’t seen Eclipse yet. I know, I know. But… I’m going to say Chris. I know people don’t agree with that choice and I’m OK with that. I can not handle Cathy’s cheese. Sorry. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she’s so super irritating. Plus, imo, Chris had the most difficult book to adapt and except for one seriously glaring horror (vamp Bella and Edward frolicking through the woods dressed in their Victorian easter’s finest), I think he did an amazing job.

    I do have a question for the panel though, one that I always wonder about. If you could replace one actor (one of the actors of the main cast: the Cullens, the main Volturi, the school friends) who would it be?

    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:45 am #

      Hiya my L, I am gonna have to agree with you…whatever your tradition is for the holidays is special and unique because it’s YOURS. Star Wars as a holiday ritual sounds sublime to me. And yes, Episodes 4, 5 & 6. And yes, Chris W had such a wonderfully calming spirit about him even as he stepped into a precarious role of directing the surprise blockbuster. I hear you. Thanks for your always insightful and witty comments my friend..I’m gonna have to hang back while I think of an answer to your question re: replacing one actor. Perhaps after the holidays I can best state it? Hope you’re enjoying your break! much love..xo, KJ

  9. Kate December 23, 2010 at 10:20 pm #


    I’m seriously the happiest I’ve been in awhile right now, for a number of reasons, but the combo of this fantastic post and CC’s Christmas extravaganza over at KSIBTU has SERIOUSLY helped!

    As you know I love to fill in the blanks to questions like these, so I’ll do my best to limit myself to three:

    Favourite KStew movie: I loved her in The Runaways and Adventureland, but I thought she also did a beautiful job in The Yellow Handkerchief (and I love me some Eddie). But one movie that I loved her in that people don’t normally talk about is Speak – I saw it for the first time on YouTube, and immediately after I read the novel. What a story – I won’t talk about it more here (since all the other readers of this wonderful blog don’t need to hear me ramble even more), but I found it to be very powerful, and Kristen brought that to life on the screen. I now own it on DVD, and it’s definitely time to re-watch!

    What drew me in: Rob’s pretty and his VOICE (yeah, like CC I’d say it was an instant orgasm) initially drew me in, and soon I fell in love with Kristen’s (and Rob’s) distinctive Other status(although at that point I didn’t call it that – endless thanks, KJ my love). Of course I’m obsessed with them both now, and Kristen is one of my top three Other Queens – and I’m so happy to have this community in which we all share this Kristen (and Rob) love!

    Favourite KStew steeze moment: my absolute fave changes daily (seriously), but today it would either be her elegant Oscar look or the sheer paneled skirt and top combo she wore in Spain for Eclipse promo. HOT.

    My fave holiday movie is Love Actually (which I haven’t watched yet this season, which frankly is unacceptable). Fics? I could talk all day. KJ, you and C are my RaW girls, and my god, you know how I love it. It just needs to update more frequently!! I also find with every TLW update I fall more in love, and I’m also one of those people who’s addicted to The Plan right now. I’m going through Starry Eyed Inside, and it’s perfect first butterflies and kisses and everything else. OH, and if you’re not reading We Were Here ( by the amazing @sweetlolapop (who of course wrote Summer of Salt, another fave of mine), WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! She just posted the second chapter today and it’s already so brilliant. Read and love!

    Alright, cutting myself off now – but Merry Christmas!! I hope your holidays are peaceful and full of love.


    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:56 am #

      Hello to my lovely friend Katie! I ADORE your answers to the Q & A (I thought of you as I composed the questions)! The Yellow Handkerchief IS a special movie, I agree (and Eddie is divine). I also loved Kristen’s dress at the Oscars. She truly was luminous wasn’t she? Yes, R & W is out of this world insane, and I know better than to become involved with The Plan just yet, but I will. Thank you muchly for your rec (LOVED Summer of Salt!) and I’m with you completely with SEI-magical and yet so, so real. Merry Christmas my friend. Sending you love and light and gratitude. Yours, xx, K

  10. Mel452 December 23, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    I’ve had to print out your latest musings again & make notes to get my thoughts all together and then select the few that make sense…well, they may still not make sense. 🙂

    Am pretty late to your lovely blog, but very thankful that I found it. Darls, you are all fabtastic!

    What was it that first drew me to Kristen, Rob or Twi?
    Twi drew me to Kristen and Rob in the first instance – have to admit that. I didn’t know too much about her besides Panic Room and Rob even less (not a HP fan sorry, don’t judge me). Seeing Kristen and then Rob (admitting I saw more first in Kristen, then Rob) in interviews for Twi made me fall in love with them. Couldn’t go past Rob’s laugh and smile *drools* 

    Favorite KStew movie?
    This is so hard, but going to go with her a most recent movie. The Runaways. More so for the fact that Kristen portrayed a real life living strong, powerful, talented, inspirational woman, like herself. The Runaways struck such a cord with me being based on fact and the lives of these amazing girls that were the band members, and by Kristen’s performance in it. It is by far the best movie for me of 2010.

    How do you see Kristen embodying her Otherness?
    The word “real” tends to be thrown around a lot when describing Kristen and not apologising I will use it too. She is real. Her honesty, her enthusiasm and devotion to her work, her talent, how she carries herself day to day, her intelligence, her maturity, her way of thinking…all stems from how real and genuine she is.

    Favorite KStew interview thus far?
    Too many to mention although in all honesty it would have to be all of them…because its her just being herself in all of them…sharing a bit of herself with us. ❤

    Thank you for sharing all your answers and sharing a bit of yourselves with us…love your hard work on this blog and wish you all the greatest Holidays for you and your loved ones.

    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:51 am #

      Hi darl! I am with you–the interviews that Kris and Robert gave during the Twi press circuit cemented my intrigue with them. Rob’s charm and laughter and Kristen’s genuineness completely captured me. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday too, my friend. And thank you, as always for your kind and attentive support (printing out Musings again!). xoxo, KJ

  11. DeeDreamer December 23, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    I loved getting to read all about you guys in the little Q&A section – thank you for sharing. So many of us have the same stories!! Happy Holidays to you and yours. xo ~DD

    • KJ December 24, 2010 at 8:47 am #

      Hiya D! Thank you for wading through the long post and for highlighting again that we all aren’t so different after all, yes? Hope you and your lovely family have enjoyed the holiday season thus far. Any questions you want to answer in your own Q &A my dear? 🙂 much love your way. xo, KJ

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