A MOO Memo: Short But Sweet

1 Jul

A/N: Images seen in this post are not the property of nor created by ©MusingsOnOther. No infringement intended. 

Hello you gorgeous Misfits, how are you this fine day?? I’m quite well except for the fact that I left my house with my Macbook Pro and notes and work projects but forgot my laptop’s charger. So we’re on borrowed time, babies….It’s for that reason and because we had a cathartic and intense story-sharing last week, that today’s essay will be brief and sweet and to the point. Hope we’re all groovy with that. It’s the start of a holiday weekend and it’s summertime, we don’t need to delve into the heavy mysteries of obsession (although it’s endlessly fascinating what the obsessed concoct about our Royal Rebels isn’t it?), nor the philosophies of change and goodness. Let’s take the advice of a wise, charming bloke who paid us a visit recently and said: “Focus on the positive, it’s MUCH more enjoyable!”

Positives such as….?

How bout our Reigning Other Queen, continuing her quest for Fair Philanthropy? Kristen signed a pair of KEDS (oohhh the memories I have in Keds) and donated them to ShoeRevolt so the charity could raise money to build shelters and provide support services for teen victims of sex trafficking. As we know–and as I die a little every time I read the article again–Ms. Stewart, our Rebel Queen herself–revealed in her February Vogue interview that she feels “most connected to” the idea of giving back in a constructive way via building halfway houses for runaway teens who were victims of the sex trade. A charitable and socially conscious Other, she is indeed.

Another POSITIVE this week could entail how ecstatic and proud I am that we all helped a cause close to my heart, Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness raise over $10,000!! We proved that those of us with passionate love for fanfiction (this fixated fondness can be debilitating to some *looks around furtively and then raises hand*) can help promote healing storytelling and empowerment for survivors of sexual assault.

With contributions from approximately 150 writers including friends Aylah50, 107yroldVirgin, PrimaryColors, TheRainGirl, Awesomesauce and Magnolia855, we helped various charities give back a voice to those who otherwise have been silent or shamed…or both. If you haven’t contributed to this cause and you’d like to, donations are still accepted a bit longer in order to receive the awesome Thank You compilation; however, any support and contributions you can donate are accepted anytime regardless. Click it for more info —>  FandomForSexualAssaultAwareness

***The above paragraph was all I’d written before my laptop completely died on me, and I realized I was Shit Outta Luck without my charger***

12 HOURS LATER. So it’s now midnight on July 1, and I’ve missed my own deadline that I had set, so I apologize. I can honestly say that I was detained by both slightly stupid reasons (forgetting the power source for my writing instrument being one) and also for whimsical, lovely reasons–my niece Monkey wanted to show me the see-saw made of driftwood along the water at the  nearby beach; she also wanted to show me where she collected her magical, iridescent sea shells.

Additionally, I had some work sessions with Leon my business manager for my Magical Little Practice to focus on projects relegated to the back-burner while I was away with work for Red Cross this month. Much has changed since I returned from Mississippi and Missouri. We’ll talk about these changes soon. Maybe next MOO. I can say that my hopes and goals for  following Bliss have not changed, but they have been enhanced and given the glitter treatment.

Not to mention my motivations for better self care have kicked up a notch too. I try to run/walk every single day now to provide a grounding agent for my spinning mind (it’s jam packed with ideas and plans, friends, oh yesss). You know who else has a new regime for self-care and betterment these days? Our lovely Queen. Don’t you want to do yoga and participate in fight training if it means looking like THIS??

As she moves to and from what appears to be fight training for her upcoming role in the uber cool film project Snow White and The Huntsman (the Fairest Of Them All is allegedly going to be lithe, sleek, and badass with knife and archery skillz), Ms Stewart is absolutely radiant. How am  I so sure she’s royalty? She single-handedly endorses an active lifestyle ..and makes wearing spandex look GOOOOOOOOOOD. Bow down to the Queen, y’all.

So I went on a run the other night, despite the arrival of a freak summer storm. And bless Lydia (@ALotMoreMagic) for sending me tweets with attachments of articles outlining safety guidelines and appropriate attire for working out in rainy weather. L, I did all right. I avoided getting sick, but I could not avoid my supreme klutziness. My wet running shoes were too slick once I came home, and my legs slid from beneath me and I fell…hard. I managed to smack my head on the tiles of my bathroom floor.

Yeah, kinda like this, but with a LOT less . . .Couture.

All right, yeah. I had a teeny incident of head trauma, but nothing like I’ve had before, where I’ve actually been in the ER, checked out by a physician and given pain meds for a concussion. Today I didn’t forget numbers or drop sentences, but I took twice as long to complete a straightforward work project with Leon and I certainly couldn’t gather my wits properly to write this MOO Memo.

But that’s all bygones because I want to move onto the topic of You. Can I just tell you how madly in love with you all I am? I truly am. You welcomed me back so warmly last week and then you just rocked my socks off with your gorgeous, thoughtful, heartbreaking and heartlifting anecdotes about the light within you’re embracing. The comments left by you brave, eloquent souls still bring tears to my eyes as I read and re-read them. The private emails I’ve received have rendered me stunned and speechless. Just tonight, as I sat down to write this Memo, I received the most glorious response to last week’s Joplin Stories from a Reader called Jessica. She signed off her letter with words that gave me chills:

I will remain and embrace myself and who I am, facing the trouble caused by people who aren’t strong enough to do the same. 

By being Other we show we are strong, extraordinary, and ever courageous.

 We are Royal Rebels who fight the idea of what is acceptable everyday.

And on that note of reverence, let’s get to the Giveaway Results, shall we?  Every single commenter left an extraordinary word (or hundred) that I felt in the fibers of my being, so I again bow down in gratitude to you. However, to be eligible for the giveaway, I presented four questions and asked for just one to be answered in a comment. I only submitted the names of folks who answered questions into the Random Integer Generator at Random.org.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Congratulations, to J (@JRollin5)!!!! Ms J is a beautiful, thoughtful and witty gal and a long-time Musings Reader with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to interact via Twittah and email over the past several months. I’ll get in touch with you to work out details of delivery, ok, J??! CONGRATULATIONS again!

Short and sweet, yeah? I’m stil floating on clouds from the profound meeting we had last week, and given my supreme Klutz-tendencies and the holiday weekend, I figured we were due for a light, joyful Memo. Have a wonderful time this weekend to all who celebrate Independence Day on July 4th in The States..and to my Canadian friends,

Happy Canada Day!!

Be well, take care of yourselves and each other. And I’ll see you all soon to talk Rebellious Beauty.  Always, KJ


Playlist for This Essay:

Brighter Than Sunshine ~Aqualung

New Soul ~Yael Naim

PriceTag ~Jessie J Feat B.O.B.

6 Responses to “A MOO Memo: Short But Sweet”

  1. ladybug July 1, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    After last week I think short and sweet is actually perfect! I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say we’re all deeplt moved and affected by your stories.

    Hope your head is feeling better, I spent this whole week nocking my left elbow into doors and tables. It’s driving me crazy! Klutz of the world unite!!

    As for the love, well you know how we go about that here: we love you, loving us for loving you and so on. #MutualAdmirationSocietyAlways

    Bowing out to JRollin5: you definitely are a Royal Rebel! Congratulations!! : )

    • KJ July 1, 2011 at 10:09 am #

      I love it! Klutzes of the world UNITE! And I DO know how we roll here, in Otherland…that’s what I love so much about the Readers…we love therefore you love, therefore we ALL love and carry onward. #MutualAdmirationSocietyForever Thanks for your kind, eloquent, thoughtful responses to MOO every week, J. You are so appreciated. xx

  2. takemetobliss July 1, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    We wouldn’t be Others without those litle moments where our buyant personalities land us on the ground (or on our heads), now would we? Bella Swan would agree as she made clumsy utterly endearing.

    I am just realizing now that I didn’t comment on your last post – even though I read it, several times. I am constantly telling complete strangers about your incredible journey to the south, the hearts you helped heal, the lives you carefully aided in piecing back together. I’m still in awe as I’m sure many of those you touched are as well. I know without a doubt in my mind you were an angel in so many’s eyes.

    Moving on to lighter things, when did yoga get so sexy? Is it wrong that I can’t help but wonder how much Rob must LOVE kristen’s yoga skills? Yeah. I went there.

    Congrats to Ms. J!! I still recall the excitement I felt when I won a MOO giveaway and my photo is proudly displayed on my wall for all to see. I treasure it!

    As always, sending much love & bliss your way darling!! Happy 4th of July weekend to you from your Canadian friend up north! ❤

    • KJ July 1, 2011 at 10:06 am #

      I LIKE your thinking, C! Our buoyant personalities indeed! Yeah when I say I’m klutzy, it’s ridiculously true, even if only in spectacular spurts. Bella Swan and I have that in common, though I can typically insert a little grace every now and again. In honor of buoyancy, thank you for your kind words of support in private but also in your lovely blog, I felt you all the way in The South. And yeah, Yoga truly is sexy. Kristen can beautify pretty much ANY activity, I’m sure. Happy Canada Day my sweet friend. And thank you for always always spreading the message of Otherness! xx

  3. DeeDreamer July 1, 2011 at 5:05 am #

    Oh, KJ – I hope your head is better! Thank goodness you didn’t hurt yourself worse. : / Continue with your self-care and your awesome and amazing care of “us” – all your cyberfriends who love you so. 😉 MWAH!! xo ~DD

    • KJ July 1, 2011 at 9:02 am #

      Aww baby, thank you. I can be graceful at times and I do have klutz moments occasionally, but I suppose when I do, it’s big…like Concussion and ER big. Always in search of the elusive balance I guess. 🙂 Love you sweet girl. Thanks for your kind comments and constant-support. You’re simply lovely. Take care of YOU, and that’s how I’m taking care of ME. xoxo, KJ

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