Sources of Light: Candles and Mirrors

22 Sep
A/N: I may have gone overboard. This essay may cause seizures between the playlist, plus all the pictures, gifs and videos (YAY videos!) included. It may take your computer/phone awhile to load up. The images featured are not mine. Many resources are cited in embeds if you click the pics. Per usual, very, very unbeta’ed. Have mercy.

 There are two ways of spreading light–

to be the candle;

or the mirror that reflects it. 

~Edith Wharton

And  so I muse today: With the light that every single one of us emanates, how do we express it? Who is a Candle? Who is a Mirror?  *deep breath* Hello, my friends. It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m a day or two off of my usual Thursday posting schedule. I’ll happily tell you reasons for the delay another time if you are curious and/or you inquire.  But I can honestly report that I’ve had enough peaks and valleys to impress the National Death Valley Park in the past few weeks and I’m a bit bleary. But I’m so pleased to be here with you all. So, let’s chat about sources of light today, shall we?

Firstly, let’s check in with  our gorgeous Reigning Other Queen. Ms Kristen Stewart has been undercovah, immersed in the filming of the project Snow White and the Huntsman in London. But with her ethereal and haunting cameo in Marcus Foster’s music video for his soulful song ‘I Was Broken’ (and the subsequent entrancing of all of us Rebel-Watchers) we were mesmerized by, and drank in her loveliness with thirsty eyes. Need a reminder? YES, PLEASE.

Satisfied and inspired anew, I really hadn’t expected to see our Rebel Queen surface  again until perhaps it was time for promotional duties surrounding Breaking Dawn. However, a couple weeks ago, on September 13–which, yes, I know this information, was Isabella Swan’s birthday–the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part One dropped online and on entertainment reporting outlets. And as I watched it, my heart expanded in my chest and I felt …something. Anti-climatic I know, but  me feeling anything is revolutionary, see, because I was actually one of the folks in Camp Apathy when it came to all things Breaking Dawn. It’s my least favorite book of the series, but when I realized the film adaptation was inevitable, I held hope that it would be just one movie, albeit a longer one, instead of a two-parter. But since the folks at Scummit Summit didn’t request my input, whattaya gonna do? But I cannot ignore the significant events in this story. For instance: Edward and Bella finally are a solid union.

The beautiful, brooding vampire puts a ring (we’ll probably never talk about that light source anytime soon, but it’s..big. and kinda ostentatious) on it. He marries his eighteen-year-old human soul mate Isabella Swan and they make sweet, sweet (headboard-thrashing, bed-shredding and canopy-ripping is my idea of oh-so-sweet) love, consummating their marriage on their own private South American island named after said vamp’s mama. Ok, I can hear my tone of voice growing slightly mocking  incredulous, so I’m gonna stop here. But not without paying homage to a few moments in the trailer that broke me from the realm of  Camp Apathy.

cue my first sob

Billy freakin’ Burke kills me ded. Beautiful, beautiful Bella is The Bride and Papa Charlie swears to ‘Never’ let his baby girl fall.

This movie finally, finally gives a forum for the insanely talented Kristen to shine. When Kristen Stewart says goodbye and her heart breaks, my heart breaks and I weep for and with her. While this tale later spirals into science fiction-land to include Teeth Babies and Jedi Mind Tricks, the basic narrative surrounding a young woman making choices that affects The Bigger, Greater Picture is front and center. She says goodbye forever to her best friend who in a few weeks will be her enemy. She has to part from her parents. Forever. It’s gonna sting a bit. Her new reality is that she’s getting hitched to an immortal blood-drinking creature who is something like one hundred and ten years old. Let’s let her have her human moments. And no one. No one breathes relatable humanity into Bella Swan Cullen the way Kristen Stewart does.

Annnd…THIS. One of my biggest concerns with Breaking Dawn the book was how a previously mercurial, passionately expressive Edward Cullen was reduced…to a ‘burning’ shell of a man…on MUTE. In the book, Edward stewed quietly on the periphery, nearly nonexistent in presence. But as the decidedly charismatic (and heartbreakingly beautiful) Robert Pattinson portrays Edward, at least as we see in the trailer, we pant over observe an angry, anguished appeal from Mr Cullen as he realizes the dire circumstances in which he and his new bride find themselves. In an interview for the film, Rob said:

 “It’s failure to Edward, who has to choose between losing Bella and transforming her. It’s the toughest scene I’ve ever had to film in my career because this choice tears out my heart.”

I feel you, Rob. The goosebumps covering my arms while watching this blip didn’t disappear for a long time afterwards. I want to kiss director Bill Condon for sharing with us a glimpse of his work, and for luring me from a state of indifference to one of pleasant curiosity. In these first days of the Fall Season (my favorite season, btw) I am cautiously …excited about this new interpretation. So I’ll be seeing you all in November, yes?

The Fairest In Front

With the release of the Breaking Dawn trailer and Kristen’s luminous presence in ‘I Was Broken’, I found myself impressed and even a little more enthralled with our Other Queen’s ability to captivate. Is our girl Kristen a Candle, burning steadily and brightly even while surrounded by shadows? The answer is YES.

a beacon of light

Taking a breather from the physically and emotionally demanding role of Snow White, our Royal Rebel made an appearance alongside Robert Pattinson’s childhood obsession, uber-model Kate Moss, in the front row of the Mulberry Presentation at London’s Fashion Week on September 18.

I literally gasped aloud when the pictures emerged. Ms Stewart debuted her long, glossy, black Snow White locks while wearing a pretty print dress and black booties from Mulberry’s Resort 2012 line. Not only was she whimsical, feminine and simply lovely, but Kristen exuded a calm and quiet certainty that even surpasses her Comic Con Confidence that knocked us silly in July. Somehow, she has emerged in the public as even more sensational. And that was before we laid eyes on her at the Mulberry Afterparty! 

I mean. come. ON!

O_o *recovers slightly*

Light (definition) n.  

1.) Electromagnetic emission that stimulates sight and makes things visible  

2.) A flame or spark serving to ignite

3.)  Mental or spiritual illumination; enlightenment 

Light (synonyms) n. As from a candle:


Others Alight

Light (definition) n.  

2.) A flame or spark serving to ignite

3.) Mental or spiritual illumination; enlightenment 

So Kristen…well, she’s a candle. What are you?  Well, in my experience with you all over the past year, I’d say you are candles …and mirrors. You emit kindness and support and wittiness that inspires creativity and confidence in me. You nudge, and lead and clarify. As I said, I’ve had a rough go of the past few weeks, and you all have contributed in coaxing me away from the ledge, whether you know it or not. I’ve always been a bit of an independent spirit, choosing instead to ground and meditate on my own, especially in the aftermath of prolonged socializing (which I also love). However, N is out of the country, on an island on the other side of the planet, and I found myself alone and grappling with my demons in an empty apartment. But you all were light for me. Whether it was through Skype convos (kisses @Kate_Suena on the cheek), through DMs (@RobKris13, @JRollin5, @Dizzy_Ladybug) or emails (@DeeDreamer16, @Bouffant and @KStewsbtrthanU and my @CyberSisters and Readers) you lit the way.

To me, you are mirrors because you reflect and spread the luminosity. While Kristen and our Featured Rebel Royals (today’s Majestic Misfit being no exception whatsoever) are burning vividly, you all use your powers of persuasion via pictures, music and articulation to extend, disseminate, purvey and broadcast your experiences of Otherness and your encouragement for the acceptance of our Other. It’s glorious to witness.

Earlier this week I reviewed some archived essays from Musings 2010. On MOO’s Facebook Page, I  suggested you revisit this post: You Already Know In that essay, we outlined Survival Tips for Others. Basically, we note how it is that Kristen as a light source (A Candle) modeled respectful ways of doing, of being…and how we (As Mirrors) can authentically communicate and share these ideas among our community…especially when some of the darker elements set in::::: >>BULLSHIT PEOPLE::::VULTURES::::THE CRITICS.. <<:::::And our Royal Rebels and you all have been doing this…brilliantly. 


  • OWNS what is HERS. No apologies.
  • Keeps her private life PRIVATE
  • Declines joining any social networking sites
  • Keeps a close-knit circle of family and friends as her support system
  • Does thingbecause she chooses to not because she is told to.
  • Employs her internal BULLSHIT DETECTOR
  • Looks the woman in the mirror straight in the eye~she knows and trusts herself and her instincts

And what can WE do as OTHERS and Majestic Misfits to Preserve and encourage our Fellow OTHERS ?


  • Respect Privacy  and personal lives, especially if it is at the request of an Other
  • Refrain from getting pulled into petty fights on any social networking sites, with other supporters and critics
  • Remember to USE WORDS WISELY–any bashing we do publicly, paints us in certain light as well
  • Remember we are ROLE MODELS in the community to people of different ages, cultures & backgrounds
  • Know and check in with our close-knit circle of family and friends frequently-they are who support us
  • Remind ourselves that if we “support” a Rebel Royal, we support their choices for happiness
  • Remember that WE ARE ALL OTHER

Featured Royal Rebel: Adele 

Let’s dive into the absolute miracle that is our Featured Royal Light Source (I say she’s a Candle and a Mirror; What d’you think?) There isn’t much that I can say about this lovely lass that you haven’t already discovered on your own. So instead of  rehashing information you may already know or could easily Wiki yourselves, I’ll list the traditional MOO Offenses of Otherness and share some of the images and videos I’ve stored in my absurdly large YouTube stash. You all have them collected in your accounts too, I’ll bet.

Some of you, you lucky, ducky dogs you, have actually seen this Goddess live. In person. I’m pretty sure that I may not ever be fit to see in her in person, seeing that I sob and cry over the mere videos of her performances. So while I’m burning with envy at those of you who have seen her live, I know that it’s really for the well-being of everyone that I do not.

This video, for instance, still brings me to my knees, even after the 3029175th time I’ve watched it.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is only 23 years old though you wouldn’t know it, not if you’re listening to that voice. She channels the soulful heartbreak of Etta and Billie and the late Amy Winehouse, but she credits The Spice Girls and R & B artists like Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys as influences.  In 2008, with the release of her debut album 19, music journalists and critics began referring to Adele as one of the trailblazers in the ‘next British Invasion’ and among the bringers of “Blue Eyed Soul” .

Born in North London, Adele was raised by a single mother who she refers to as one of her closest friends today. Before 19 began garnering critical acclaim, Adele was a teenager attending London’s BRIT School, which is a public performing arts program. Famous classmates and alumni include Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse. According to Adele’s friends and the singer’s own report, Adele didn’t exactly strive towards musical greatness while in school. She was nearly expelled from the program for her lackadaisical relationship with time. Err, she would oversleep.

Her seminal album, 21, which was named–like 19–for the age in which she wrote and recorded the album tracks, was inspired by her relationship (and it’s deconstruction) with a man who was older and whom  all her friends greatly disliked. This sophomore album broke records from the moment it debuted, eclipsing 19‘s moderate success. 21 has gone platinum over four times and it stayed at Number 1  for months in sixteen countries.All of this is overwhelming news to her, and she remains modest. She is admittedly star struck by ‘celebrities’ even though just about every famous person you can think of in the moment idolizes her. Beyonce once told Adele directly that when she listens to Adele, she feels like she is “listening to God’. Plus, whenever she performs a concert a plethora of famous fans including Christina Aguilera and my personal favorite Other Rebel Rob Pattinson attend.

“I don’t want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vogue. I would rather be on Rolling Stone or Q.”

Ask and you shall receive, lovely lady

Featured on Rolling Stone Magazine’s ‘The Best of Rock’ issue, the article finds Adele telling journalist Toure’ that she suffers from severe stage fright and anxiety. Adele reports having quit and re-started smoking a handful of times, and that she really has no interest in losing weight or slimming down.

“I don’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.”

A self-professed wine lover, Adele reports she’d rather hit a pub with her mates instead of going to the gym. She swears like a sailor and has a propensity towards rattling off dirty jokes. In addition to that incredible voice she is also a guitar player, bass player and percussionist. She wears billowing sweaters as “shields and comfort” and admits that she was weary of the first record producers that approached her when she was eighteen years old. “I thought they were dirty, internet perverts”. A valid concern, I think. She does, after all, emanate the most incredible light. We’re drawn to her. I happen to think she is a most excellent Ambassador for Otherness. She is radiant. 

Offenses of Otherness:

*Has no interest in prescribing to the industry’s definition of ‘ideal’ body image

*Utilizes her musicianship–not her sexuality–to garner consideration

“I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

So today (tonight?)’s post was an ode to resources for illumination and enlightenment. The quirky, unconventional, beautiful and talented Adele reminds us to pursue Bliss byway of our skills and competencies…and priorities. Our Reigning Queen of Other Ms Stewart re-surfaced in tantalizing ways over the past two weeks, reminding us of her sexy certainty and special brand of gorgeousness. We look to her to be a model of Misfit Mayhem, in the most complimentary way possible. She reminds us of the Etiquette for Otherness in her maintenance of privacy for her self and her loved ones, and in assuredness in her decisions for her career. She inspires us to follow our instincts…..and to inquire into Mulberry’s 2012 line. She reigns supreme.

And you my rebellious royals, continued to move onward and despite any shadows or pitfalls you encounter, you provide light and guidance for me. Thank YOU. #OtherON.

We are Other.

Adele is Other.

Kristen is Other.

Others exude a constant, vivid light.

Embrace Your Other.

*    *    *

Question(s): How are you a Candle or Mirror? Who/what serves as a Candle or Mirror in your life? Thoughts on the Breaking Dawn Trailer? MulberryStew (Stewberry)? Adele?


I reined it in. I had 2 or 3 more videos waiting in the wings to share. Thank me later for sparing you a seizure or three. I’ve upgraded MOO with Video-capabilities and today’s post was a bit of an experiment. Too much? Or ok? MORE?

To everyone I mentioned in this post and really, every one of you readers, tweeters, Facebookin Fools out there…you all were tremendous this month. I read every single one of your letters, comments, messages and tweets, and I cherish them and you.

Special Mentions:

@TheRainGirl4 –thank you for the pretty encouragements.

and to Possum Bestie @Justice_Aussie, @Mari-Pai  and @Been2Forks….



Lastly, I updated the Sentence Completion on the About KJ Page. Check it out..complete the sentences. Whatever you want. I’ll roll witchoo.

xo, KJ


Novocaine For The Soul ~ Eels

Flightless Bird-American Mouth ~ Iron and Wine

One and Only ~ Adele

Fair (acoustic) ~ Remy Zero

8 Responses to “Sources of Light: Candles and Mirrors”

  1. Ann September 24, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    Another great post.

  2. takemetobliss (@takemetobliss) September 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Oh dearest KJ – YOU are light to me. I think I really needed an inspiring uplift today as this past week served me several challenges I never saw coming. As someone who is relatively unconfrontational, being thrown into confrontation when I did nothing wrong challenged me greatly this past week and I won’t lie – it was hard to come in to work tonight still feeling rocked from the hurricane that was my last night at work. But as I hopped in the shower to get ready for work, I reminded myself of the Others at work who would have my back tonight if I needed them. Who would let me hide in their office and shed frustration whether it be in the form of tears or an excessive amount of curse words.

    Others stick together and when you can identify them around you, you know someone will always have your back. And now that I am here – I know it’ll all be ok.

    Still. Your post always inspires and puts a smile on my face on the crappiest of days. So for that I thank you.

    And now I’m off to complete your sentence completion because I’ve never done it before and I think its JUST what I need right now!!

    much love xo

  3. Christine September 24, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    You chose a very beautiful topic for September 22’s post. For me, being a light is shedding reason, encouragement, and inspiration to others. Because a light leads the way and there is no way it can lead the way when it hasn’t convinced people that it’s safe. Safety is being encouraged to do something, being inspired to be your own person, and/or seeing reason behind all that blind rage or biased opinions. As for being a mirror, it is someone who reflects that light for brighter possibilities. Thus, a mirror, in my understanding and after reading your post, is someone who is encouraged, inspired, and has seen reason. And because of that, they are able to absorb the light and shed it to others who might need it too.

    I would like to think that I am a light, just as I, too, am a mirror. I am a light because despite my usual negativity towards myself, I am most of my friend’s confidante. They always come around and tell me their problems and I, as a friend, listens carefully and gives advices afterwards. It is typical, I know, but I am very happy on whatever I am doing. For one, I am helping encourage people to do things that can be good for them. My advices aren’t always what will make them happy because, as I tell them, what makes them happy isn’t always the right thing to do. And in their situations, and as for any situation for that matter, what is right is always important. Or at least, that’s how I view things. Happiness is one big thing that benefits you and those who love you. But Rightness is one big thing that benefits, not only you, but also those who you might be hurting. I am a light because even when sharing my experiences, I also reflect and criticize my mistakes in order for me to be a better person and for my friends to maybe see and learn from my mistakes.

    But I am a mirror too. Because as much as I’d like to believe that I am a light, a master in philosophy, who walks around uttering words of wisdom, there are things that I haven’t comprehended yet and are learning from the people around me who serves as lights that I can mirror. One of them is Kristen Stewart. I have big views when it comes to conforming with society. For me, it is too much but cannot be helped. However, Ms. Stewart changed my views and as of now, well, let’s just say that I know better. Her Otherness radiates off her and serves as light that I can mirror.

    As for the new BD trailer, I am so happy about it. I can say that I agree with you about seeing glimpses of Kristen’s excellent acting skills during her dance with Taylor’s character. I cannot wait to see it on the cinema. Although I would like to share with you that Breaking Dawn isn’t my favorite book either but it isn’t my least favorite of all. That title belongs to Eclipse for me. Though that seems ironic since the third book is like the climax of the whole series and who hates the climax of a story? I guess that’s me. I also love her look in the Mulberry fashion show. I am surprised to see her but I enjoy watching her dress up and attend events that interests her no matter what people say. I actually love her for that.

    Anyway, thank you for this wonderful post. This post, which coincides with my younger brother’s birthday, is really interesting. I am learning a lot from you and for that, thank you.

  4. LCMom September 24, 2011 at 7:41 am #

    Im transfixed by that picture of Rob and Kristen for some reason. You find the most beautiful photos for your posts. K in her Snow White hair is just stunning.

    Thank you for another wonderful post K. Thanks for demonstrating what depth of character looks like. And for empowering the ‘others’ to be LEADERS! Every day is another opportunity (so, dont forget to sleep, otherwise, that gets all messsed up, I think *wink*).

    You expressed my EXACT sentiments about Breaking Dawn here as well. I have so much trust in Kristen – somehow I just know it’s going to work out and be something I’ll enjoy.

  5. sollee September 24, 2011 at 5:52 am #

    Kristen inspires us in so many endearing ways and I do agree… She is different in such a way that her light shines brightly without us getting hurt…a light that isn’t tormenting…I had also admired how she had handled her personal life and kept her privacy and remained humble despite being a potential victim of arrogance,of fame,of lust being involve in her chosen industry and being in a community of fame seekers…Was it just 3 days ago that Rob,Kstew’s significant other was seen visiting a vintage store in LA? (see how they can’t escape the public eye )and he was believed to have bought an old industrial lamp?..Oh I guess Rob bought the old lamp coz he doesn’t need a new and a brighter lamp as he already has Kstew with him “the light in his life”awwww (sorry for fangirling)…

    As for me being a light to others, I am trying in the best way I can, I guess our faith is our oil that will always keep the light burning in our lives…

  6. beammeup_00 September 24, 2011 at 5:07 am #

    You are a Light-Enhancement-and-Expansion entity. You are a large concave mirror collecting the light and heat from our Royal Rebels and focusing it on the wick of your own candle, to create a new light that you use to Show The Way. Your mirror surface is lustrous, the human framework that supports it is delicate and fragile. You are highly and intuitively tuned to your framework and struggle mightily to keep it in good repair by your own efforts and by accepting the proffered love and support of your many adherents. We all benefit when you succeed and the surface of your mirror remains clear and regains its precision. The better to focus the Other light, the brighter to make your own flame.

    The above are just facts. Here is the magical thing you have taught me: We all have the potential to be Light-Enhancement-and-Expansion entities. But there are rules, they are listed here under “We Others Can”. And there is the need to be aware that all of this is possible. This awareness that you share so selflessly and spread so beautifully is your gift.

    Thank you.

    And on a slightly more worldly note – was Our Girl the shiz or what! It is a wondrous thing to watch her overcome and shed the nervousness and withdrawal her natural tendencies lead her to. To watch that self-possession really take hold and come out for the world to see. It has always been inside her. I believe that. But she has struggled to let it come to the forefront in media situations. Not anymore. The innate shyness is still there, but the confident, intelligent, thoughtful woman is more and more in control in these oh-so-public events. I can’t wait to see where she takes us next. Uh, fangirl, much?

  7. Joana September 24, 2011 at 1:44 am #

    I read this entire post listening to Adele’s One and Only, get to the end and it’s a song on the playlist! Remember that shyniching thing we talked about? NO.COINCIDENCES! ; )

    Thanks for letting me be a candle/mirror in your life, you’re certainly one in mine! You and all the other lovely ladies I have the immense pleasure of talking to through Twitter, text, FB or smoke signals on a daily basis. They/You light up my life!

    In this kingdom of candles and mirrors, Kristen is our Reigning candle. I’m not one to go into religious ramblings but I feel like she’s the big candle that lights up the little ones in baptism ceremonies. (#OneDayInChatolicSchoolTooMany) She’s our big candle and she shines on all of us and shows us that we can spread some light too.

    Other than that I have the great luck of having awesome family, friends and a boyfriend that consistently keep me grounded and happy. I try to retribute in whatever way I can. I’m a giving person, and will happily go out of my way to do something nice for someone just to see a smile on their faces, nothing gives me more pleasure!

    BD trailer: From the get go I felt Bill Condon got us, he gets what we like in the story and what keeps us returning to it despite it’s many flaws. I think we will be fine come Nov 18th. Kristen is (as usual) my perfect Bella, and I can’t wait to see Robert get in on some of the action. *cough* That sounded wrong. I wanna see him emote. *sigh* That sounded better.

    Adele: I have a very healthy love for Adele and her music. LOVE. LOVE. LOVEEEE. I’m known for my Adele love at work (we get to play our own music on the speakers on the weekends when The Boss is out). They know that when it’s my turn to choose we WILL listen to Adele. I would kill to see her live, then I would drown myself in tears. NBD. That BRITS vid still gives me the shivers.

    Mulberry Stew: Flawless. Loving the long black locks AND don’t even get me started on the after party look. She shined. As always : )

    Have a lovely weekend everyone! xoxo

    PS: There’s no spell-check at work *shudders* I hope this is not too scary to read!

  8. Bella September 23, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    As always, you words bring a smile to my face and encourage and entertain. Thank you for sharing your happy, sad, beauty, pain, and eloquence, KJ.
    As for your questions:
    How are you a Candle or Mirror for Otherness? I have been blessed to be published and all the proceeds from my first story are going the the It Gets Better Project. I know I could make money and be so pleased with how well it’s selling, but it matters more that I do something good. I’m praying no more little ones take their lives because they feel worthless and as though they don’t matter. Each one of those precious children mattered and now they’re gone. My heart aches for their loss even though I’ve never known them. I hope I help some how.
    Who/what serves as a Candle or Mirror in your life? You are a candle, KJ, because you reflect what’s beautiful and what’s different about beauty. I look up to Kristen and Adele for all the reasons you’ve written about. I also think anyone who is brave enough to stand up even when it’s not the popular stance deserve to shine and illuminate the way for us. The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell regulations were repealed this week, what a wonderful gift this Equinox. Freedom to love and be loved. There are so many beautiful rebels who give us light. We’re so lucky that we have that brilliance. The more light and good we have surrounding us, the less darkness will influence us and the ones we love.
    Thank you as always, KJ. You encourage me.

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