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Dear Kristen

25 Apr
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Dear Kristen

Dear Kristen,

I can understand on a very personal level that pain and anguish can trigger spellbinding creativity. At the very least, conflict and confrontation sparks a need to respond–hell, it’s why I began writing this little blog in the first place, almost 2 years ago. Today is my four year wedding anniversary, eliciting a sappy, nostalgic mood. I recall that it was April 2008, four years ago,  that I  foraged into the Twilight Community for the first time. [See –>  Origins Of Musings Page  ] And it was two years ago in 2010 that I began formulating the beginnings of what would be Musings On Other Queens ..[See–> The First Ever Musings] Big deals happening all over the place, I’m telling you. *winking at Josie Belle Cullen and @CaraNoFic*

Hello, Cover Girl

Okay, so Kristen, it’s 2008, and suddenly you are omniscient. I simply could not remain silent about the unfounded, unfair and oft times vitriolic criticism  that also instantaneously emerged. Your name was uttered in households the world over…[I’m searching for the word….iconic?] and you were the most beguiling [divisive?] topic of discussion,  simply because you accepted a new job in your already impressive career. I could be wrong, but I don’t know that you ever, in your wildest imagination, anticipated the maelstrom that resulted from your decision to portray the role of a seventeen-year-old human girl who fell in love with a vegetarian vampire. I don’t know that you had foreseen [and who could have?] that your mere attendance at a desert music festival this weekend would lead  to new shrines and discussion boards…But for the record: You do look fantastic. And by that I mean: healthy, jubilant, inspired and amorous. Luminous. Congratulations on your face and that smile, btw. And P.S. way to rock the short-shorts, baby.

Sooo, as I was saying: I completely get that conflict and heartache certainly can be a catalyst for the creation of something big, phenomenal, even. However, this month, as your second year in your second decade of life commenced, I witnessed how positivity and love  took center stage and emerged into a Celebration. You, my friend, are the reason for countless gratitudes so many hold, and that I myself have procured over the years. During your birthday week, I sat back and stared in wonderment as people–thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, maybe millions? of people–stepped forward and found their voices to express their admiration for you, because you came into being. Because you exist.

I had never been more in love with this community than I was that week. You’ve probably seen these, but they’re worth a second or twenty-second glance… oh my, my the talent.

Team Kristen Site’s Birthday Projecthttp://tksbdayproject.tumblr.com/

@Fiorel90’s Birthday Video: 

@KSIBTU’s 22: Best Of Kristen

There Are Places I Remember 

A little over three weeks ago, I posted the first new Musings On Other Queens, KStew and Unconventional Beauty [yes, I full-named myself]  memo after two months of being…away. It was glorious and painstaking and tedious all at once. I had taken a hiatus, because heartbreak in my personal life was affecting my ability to create. I came back because you and your fearless pursuit to know and honor Marylou  of the seminal On The Road film project helped equip me with the lady balls to plow forward, onward. But it was brutal. I cannot lie, these past few months have been absolutely awful. 

These days, I swing wildly between elation and terror. You  have provided me this courage to follow through on my wild, maybe unreasonable, whimsy to pursue a smorgasbord of Bliss. Last week, I went to a formal job interview, the first in over a year, for a supervisor/trainer position at a counseling agency  which provides support and encouragement to teenagers in neglected and underserved communities. It’s an end-of-the-line intervention before said teens turn to gangs, drugs and prostitution in their desperation for obtaining the feeling of safety, belonging and home. 

this sunrise greeted me after a very dark night

I hadn’t walked into the interview with any expectations. I have a good thing going for me right now; I didn’t need  (nor want) to return to bureaucracy, and certainly not after my experience with my previous job, at Bastard Nation. But I went in for the interview anyway, and the directors provided hope and fresh perspective and I suddenly felt excitement for working with community agencies again. And they wanted me for my Other characteristics–my physical features, my youth, my unconventional perspectives. You are the catalyst who imbued the bravery I needed to even consider returning to the field, Kristen. You. 

Call it the Royal Rebel Effect

Additionally, I have taken some major steps towards developing and expanding my private practice into a consulting business which would incorporate group discussions, webinars and training on grief, empowerment and resilience, my areas of expertise. This means that I am putting my credibility [and my face!!] on the line and online to share what I know (whether inherently or due to years of training and nurturing) with an audience outside of my perfect, bubble-wrapped Musings world. Like…on YouTube and shit. Vulnerable much? I’ve got my own demons to fight, my girl, but the point is: I am owning it. I am pushing through what is to get to where I want to be. Just as you do on a daily basis. #OwnIT


For People and Things That Went Before…

The second gratitude I have as a result of your existence is the goodness you bring via your admirers and supporters. They’re the best, Kristen, I swear to you. I know I’m biased, but I’ve been around long enough to see exceptional people exhibiting [mirroring your own?]  extraordinary qualities. Four years ago, when I tip-toed unsuspectingly into the Twilight community via MTV interviews and E!Online lurkfests, I didn’t know. I didn’t fully understand the enormity and passion that you incited in people. I still am stunned by it today, honestly. But by chatting with people, watching YouTube fanvids, by meeting my CyberSisters and Readers face-to-face, I found the most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. After writing the first Musings, I received poignant, empowering emails and letters from Readers around the world. People who sought an authentic connection and held pride in representing the deviants, the Awkward Ones, the unconventional, The Others. I’ve gained lifelong, best friends and sources for inspiration. We were/are all bound by the protectiveness and admiration we hold for you, and for Robert, and your unwavering mission of authenticity.

The Kids have Chosen. YOU win.

I talk to some of these amazing people every day. EVERY. DAY. I speak to my CyberSisters and Readers more than I do my family. I have never met a more vibrant, brilliant, compassionate group of people than I have in my association with this community, the Supportive Kristen Community. And oh my gawd they’re amazing. Not only in their support of YOU, but of ME, and in OTHERS everywhere…Because they remind me every day that Other is everywhere.

Love of Mad Ones, the ones who burnburnburn, via Sydney, AUS ~@Mel452

Finding the courage to take risks, to follow Bliss via Portugal ~ @dizzy_ladybug

expression through music and cultural pride via Indonesia ~ @Ichaluvcat

Reminders that authenticity is Other is Beautiful via Florida, USA ~ @that_bitch101

…In my life, I’ve Loved Them All

As do you, Ms Stewart. You model for us a congruent Otherness that is unparalleled. You have been a pristine Ambassador of Other for Musings. You have been both a candle  burning steadily and a mirror, reflecting the luminosity of Royal Rebels abound. You have worn the crown on your head, even through turbulent waters, gracefully and relentlessly. 

I had no inkling of an idea that I would stumble into the cavernous treasure trove of possibility, friendship, support, love, passion and courage when I joined the murmured discussion about a young woman named Kristen Stewart all those years ago. But today I can see that it was serendipitous that I did. This little Musings  Letter is merely my attempt at expressing sentiments that are nearly impossible to articulate–my utmost gratitude for the existence of you. Thank you. You have beatified my life profoundly, and probably obliviously. I bow down in awe, humility and respect to you, nonetheless. Happy Birthday, Kristen Jaymes Stewart.

Love and Light, KJ

She Reigns. #OtherQueen

 *      *      *

[QUESTION:] Where were you in April four years ago, three years ago, two years ago….?

[A/N:] Today  is N’s and my four-year wedding anniversary. It’s all love, which is good, because there felt to be an absence of genuine respect floating out there in our fandom…and in my 3D life too. So in essence, this letter is a celebratory reminder of Kristen, of this outrageously entertaining and beloved fandom, and of the people I’ve met, known and learned from these four years.
I didn’t update as soon as I had hoped, but I didn’t let two months slip by again. Seriously, thank you for your utmost patience and kindness as I work through The Stuff. I hope to be back with you even sooner, but not after I return from my little vacay. Leaving for Washington D.C., Raleigh, NC and possibly New York on Friday to see family and dear friends. And because I have needed a vacation desperately for a very long time. See you when I return. And to prepare for the epicness that will be #Cannes. My BODY. IS. READY.
 *  *  *  
*  *  * 
This Letter’s PLAYLIST 
::: Fires  by Shady Bard
                 ::: Hold On by Alabama Shakes
*  *  *
**Heading titles are lyrics from Lennon & McCartney’s/ The Beatles’ In My Life 

Muselet: Prep for The Stew Review

27 Dec

Hello there, my Beauties! Hope your holiday weekend–or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, your Winter Solstice & Consumerism Overload–was absolutely divine and everything you hoped for! Mine was lovely, though Monkey had an epic meltdown, and we were cooped up in a small (though beautiful) home due to a raging, punishing rain storm. Today is just a super duper mini-Muselet…more like a Memo, asking you all to take a moment to review and remember the epic, extraordinary year that featured Kristen Stewart in 2010.

Reinging Other Queen:

Kristen Stewart

Taking cues from the lovely RobstenNation, please survey 2010 and tell me via comments, emails and tweets your TOP 3 KRISTEN MOMENTS/EVENTS of 2010…KRISTEN’S EXTRAORDINARY YEAR .

We get that she’s Royalty, our Reinging Queen. So, please tell me about those moments when you knew she was Queen. . . When she OWNED it.

Here are a few instances that made me nearly weep. Um, ok, nearly nothing. I more often than not, fell to my knees and wept tears of awe and joy. I’m so proud to be a Kristen supporter and an Other Ambassador with this clever, authentic, and gorgeous Rebel Royal.

Double Duty for Sundance…

Our girl showed up in Park City, Utah to promote not just one, but two films.

For the great, and greatly under-appreciated The Runaways, Kristen attended the press junkets with Dakota, one of her besties and her costar in The Runaways and also the final three installments of The Twilight Saga.

And for the intensely personal and heartbreaking movie Welcome To The Rileys. WTTR received rave reviews and a standing ovation at it’s Sundance screening.

Sublime Interviews

Kristen appeared in almost countless print and television interviews this year as she promoted at least four movies in 2010….Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, The Yellow Handkerchief and Eclipse. She was busy filming two movies in the meantime: On the Road and Breaking Dawn.

"What the FUCK is 'Inner Beauty'?"

UK Elle where we feasted our eyes on such stunning photos, and learned of her “deliciously handsome” mate on screen and off.

It was from Jay Leno when she sent most of us off to bed with visions of #HankyPanky dancing in our heads..

Oprah taught us how to say “PHEE.NOM.UH.NON“, and Rob told us Kristen was pregnant

Global Domination…

Los Angeles may be home to our Ambassador of Other, but we saw her everywhere this year either while in serious promo mode or on-set during new movie projects. Just a few locales…





Award Recipient…

Woman of The Year? Oh yes. I’d say.

BAFTA’s Rising Star? CHECK.

Of course, there were so many other moments where our Royal Rebel shone brightly…GangstaStew, Entertainment Weekly, The Oscars… But tell me when YOU were stunned…

OscarStew landed on nearly every Best-Dressed List, despite the fact that she had to clear her throat (gasp!)…

A Mashup Giveaway of Majestic Proportions

In case you missed last week’s Roundtable Musings between Team Other comprised of Bouffant, Buff, CC & myself– please go and check it out and share your OWN Musings On Other in the comments section. I know everyone is traveling, or still in a food-and-family-coma, so I totally get how you missed out the photo mashups featured in last week’s Beauty Mashup Giveaway…Here’s a reminder of the three MOO Prints two winners will get to choose from…And know that these are only just a few of the Buff & N collabs that I’ll be featuring in the next few weeks. Their individual talents just blow my mind, but together? Transcendant.

Ok, so the instructions this week, are two-fold. Check last week’s Christmas Eve Eve Roundtable Musings with Team Other, and in the comment section, answer at least three questions that the Team Other Captains answered. Not only do you inspire me and so many Others who admire our Reinging Queen Kristen with your answers, but you also enter yourself in the Giveaway drawing to choose one of the three Musings On Other Prints above which will be delivered to you in a 8×10 matted frame.

Secondly, in response to today’s MOO Muselet, share with me via emails, comments, tweets, and smoke signals which 2 or 3 KStew Moments of Majestic Misfit-ness that solidified your admiration for our Kristen Jaymes Stewart.

This Thursday, I’ll post the top 5 or 7 (because we Others always work with ODD numbers) moments/events that you all coined The BEST of 2010. Plus, I’ll announce the winners of the MOO Mashup Giveaway… Yippee!

Send in your thoughts, friends. You continue to freaking amaze me. Let’s celebrate Otherness together while we finish out 2010 and storm the castle (name that brilliant movie!)  and welcome 2011, which is bound to only get better somehow. See you later, my pretty misfits! Always yours, KJ

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