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Muselet: Prep for The Stew Review

27 Dec

Hello there, my Beauties! Hope your holiday weekend–or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, your Winter Solstice & Consumerism Overload–was absolutely divine and everything you hoped for! Mine was lovely, though Monkey had an epic meltdown, and we were cooped up in a small (though beautiful) home due to a raging, punishing rain storm. Today is just a super duper mini-Muselet…more like a Memo, asking you all to take a moment to review and remember the epic, extraordinary year that featured Kristen Stewart in 2010.

Reinging Other Queen:

Kristen Stewart

Taking cues from the lovely RobstenNation, please survey 2010 and tell me via comments, emails and tweets your TOP 3 KRISTEN MOMENTS/EVENTS of 2010…KRISTEN’S EXTRAORDINARY YEAR .

We get that she’s Royalty, our Reinging Queen. So, please tell me about those moments when you knew she was Queen. . . When she OWNED it.

Here are a few instances that made me nearly weep. Um, ok, nearly nothing. I more often than not, fell to my knees and wept tears of awe and joy. I’m so proud to be a Kristen supporter and an Other Ambassador with this clever, authentic, and gorgeous Rebel Royal.

Double Duty for Sundance…

Our girl showed up in Park City, Utah to promote not just one, but two films.

For the great, and greatly under-appreciated The Runaways, Kristen attended the press junkets with Dakota, one of her besties and her costar in The Runaways and also the final three installments of The Twilight Saga.

And for the intensely personal and heartbreaking movie Welcome To The Rileys. WTTR received rave reviews and a standing ovation at it’s Sundance screening.

Sublime Interviews

Kristen appeared in almost countless print and television interviews this year as she promoted at least four movies in 2010….Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, The Yellow Handkerchief and Eclipse. She was busy filming two movies in the meantime: On the Road and Breaking Dawn.

"What the FUCK is 'Inner Beauty'?"

UK Elle where we feasted our eyes on such stunning photos, and learned of her “deliciously handsome” mate on screen and off.

It was from Jay Leno when she sent most of us off to bed with visions of #HankyPanky dancing in our heads..

Oprah taught us how to say “PHEE.NOM.UH.NON“, and Rob told us Kristen was pregnant

Global Domination…

Los Angeles may be home to our Ambassador of Other, but we saw her everywhere this year either while in serious promo mode or on-set during new movie projects. Just a few locales…





Award Recipient…

Woman of The Year? Oh yes. I’d say.

BAFTA’s Rising Star? CHECK.

Of course, there were so many other moments where our Royal Rebel shone brightly…GangstaStew, Entertainment Weekly, The Oscars… But tell me when YOU were stunned…

OscarStew landed on nearly every Best-Dressed List, despite the fact that she had to clear her throat (gasp!)…

A Mashup Giveaway of Majestic Proportions

In case you missed last week’s Roundtable Musings between Team Other comprised of Bouffant, Buff, CC & myself– please go and check it out and share your OWN Musings On Other in the comments section. I know everyone is traveling, or still in a food-and-family-coma, so I totally get how you missed out the photo mashups featured in last week’s Beauty Mashup Giveaway…Here’s a reminder of the three MOO Prints two winners will get to choose from…And know that these are only just a few of the Buff & N collabs that I’ll be featuring in the next few weeks. Their individual talents just blow my mind, but together? Transcendant.

Ok, so the instructions this week, are two-fold. Check last week’s Christmas Eve Eve Roundtable Musings with Team Other, and in the comment section, answer at least three questions that the Team Other Captains answered. Not only do you inspire me and so many Others who admire our Reinging Queen Kristen with your answers, but you also enter yourself in the Giveaway drawing to choose one of the three Musings On Other Prints above which will be delivered to you in a 8×10 matted frame.

Secondly, in response to today’s MOO Muselet, share with me via emails, comments, tweets, and smoke signals which 2 or 3 KStew Moments of Majestic Misfit-ness that solidified your admiration for our Kristen Jaymes Stewart.

This Thursday, I’ll post the top 5 or 7 (because we Others always work with ODD numbers) moments/events that you all coined The BEST of 2010. Plus, I’ll announce the winners of the MOO Mashup Giveaway… Yippee!

Send in your thoughts, friends. You continue to freaking amaze me. Let’s celebrate Otherness together while we finish out 2010 and storm the castle (name that brilliant movie!)  and welcome 2011, which is bound to only get better somehow. See you later, my pretty misfits! Always yours, KJ

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