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Slow Your Roll…Mini Musings, Island-Style

22 Jul

Aloha, Lovelies! Happy Thursday to you. It’s 745 AM in Kauai and I’m sitting at the bamboo coffee table on the lenai just as I had hoped to! (Qualifier: I began writing at 745AM at our suite, but finished writing while in the Botanical Gardens outside Tunnels Beach north of Hanalei Bay, four hours later). I’m drinking tea, eating fruit, and still sniffling from this sinus infection/cold I’ve battled since Sunday.  Here’s the plan: While Thursday is my usual day for Musings, I’m going to opt instead to write a Muselet, as My Manager Kathryn calls it. When I return from my trip, I’ll write a full fledged Musings: Hawaii Edition early next week. All good? Cool. So let’s plow.

I’m writing a Muselet today for a few reasons:
1. I’m in Kauai with N and my Mother, why would I be in front of a computer at all?
2. I’m sick again, and am in dangerous proximity to various uppers and downers in the form of cold tablets. Must feed the beast.
3. It is relatively quiet in our Other Queen Stewie’s world. Good. She likes it that way.
4. I forgot my camera’s USB cable and cannot import all the pictures I’m taking into iPhoto or today’s essay.  You’ll have to deal with my iPhone shots, kiddos.

5. I’ve wanted to write about self-care and replenishment for some time now, especially in the wake of a chaotic couple of weeks for Team Other, but also for Kstew and her Deliciously Handsome partner Rob.
Aloha peaceful soul! Hanalei Bay
So first thing’s first:
Where in the world is our girl Kristen?! Oh, yes, that’s right, she’s being professional and her usual NinjaStew self in Montreal. There have been only a whisper or two regarding KStew sightings, and without the picture of BowlingAlleyStew from the rather cool guy who referred to Kristen as “that punky chick from Twilight”, we’d never know she was truly in Montreal for Beatnik Bootcamp. I love this about Stewie. She is stealth and completely underground when she wants to be, which, um, is all the time. And what happens when Kristen goes MIA? Oh yes, the haters begin to spew their vile rumors, and fashion and cultural critics begin compiling their BEST AND WORST OF lists. A shift in the summer, perhaps? Guess who made it to the Best Hairstyle Lists, according to Yahoo this morning?  StrawberryStew. Not too shabby for a girl who was repeatedly slammed for wearing a shag deemed The Mullet during her Runaways filming days and beyond.
Um, so I’ve braided the shag and now I’m considered among The Best?
Whatever,  you pretentious Mofos
I’m enjoying the sea breeze in the moment, though my curly hair is NOT. While sitting on the beach with my afro, I thought of how there are few to no sightings of our Queen these days. There’s gonna be a drought, my friends, because Kristen is happiest when she is immersed in work, out of the public eye, participating in her craft. She had spent the past 9 months or so doing promotional work for her movies, now it’s time for her to do some filming, a self-reported favorite aspect of her job. Kristen is happiest when working. Whaaaa? How many of us can say this? 

I’m just coming off of a chaotic week in which I spent several days chasing after Monkey (my beloved niece and flower girl for Cousin’s Wedding) and dodging long-held family grudges and aggression over ham dinners. It’s no wonder I’m sick. Where do I go to become NinjaKJ, to replenish, to slow my roll? Where am I happiest? This is a good place to start.

Complete with Surfer EyeCandy for my girls
@Evalola80 and @Just2CUSmile

The islands. I need to be near the ocean, preferably island-side. It’s in my blood. Both my ethnic backgrounds are comprised of Islanders, and I feel closest to The Muses while surrounded by water. I travel a lot, and when I do, I write. I’m actually working on another project featuring my travel writing and featuring N’s stunning photography. Why? Because while I’m here, traveling or among islands, I can breathe. While I’m here, I can immerse in my happy place, and like Kristen, I feel whole again.

There is an essential health component involved with learning how to properly self care. We caretakers, healers, women, artists…we are constantly giving away pieces of our soul, our vital energies to providing for everyone and everything outside of ourselves. How can we preserve and replenish the energy we expend during our days? How do we fill up our soul’s bank accounts after relentless withdrawals? There are many ways we can do this, and each concept of self-care varies from person to person. It doesn’t have to cost any money. I planned this Kuaui vacay about 7 months ago because I know that in order for me to restore balance and peace in my world, I need to spend some time on an island somehow, at least once a year. It’s my one grand gesture a year. Otherwise it’s at-home pedicures and a soak in the tub. Last year my Island restoration occurred in Bali because N is from there, as is the Goddess of Destruction/Reinvention Kali…anyhoo…But its the simplest things that lend to creative boosts, a spirit spit-shine…

Stewie goes Strawberry-blonde and delves into her heart’s work with On The Road in beautiful Montreal:

I tend to look for the nearest beach and bury my toes in the sand:

Because doing the Electric Slide in stilettos just doesn’t whisper comfort to me:

That’s me on the left, Puss is on the right.
We’re behaving ourselves in the church pew.
For. Now.

Some folks opt for a trip to the ocean, or travel to the mountains and forests, looking for the elusive silence for contemplation. Conversations with God, Allah, the Higher Power can restore our sense of right in the world; as can a bubble bath or a massage. Sometimes hanging with the girlfriends sipping Martinis is the most healing practice of all. Reading books soothes me, as does running long distances. Listening to music live or in stereo headphones can work, cleaning out garages and kitchens too.

What tells me that Rob is invested in a little self care? It’s not because he’s in front of camera flashes and on red carpets. Nuh. Uh.

While this is pretty for us, it’s not his Happy Place

It’s because he’s been caught Ridin’ Drrty. And I fucking UNF for Rob’s brand of Self-Care. This is what he can do until he reunites with his lovely Queen Kristen, hopefully in Montreal.

Rob Pattinson, His Royal JawPorn Highness, cruising in a Chevy Nova with his Bestie TomStu…to, wait for it…. IN-N-OUT.  I do have a pic with the In-N-Out sign in the background, but I’m posting these because I can and it’s my Muselet.

Ok, I realize I’m biased, being a Cali girl through and through, but wouldn’t you say this is the epitome of California Beauty right here? Dashing men in a classic Chevy, laaaaaid-back, heading to the best Burger Place EVAH?

So my Lovely Musers…I sign off on this little Musing Moment now so I can go pop another Sudafed and find my mother and N who have wandered into the botanical gardens above this stunning deserted beach:

I’ll be back next week, early, to write a Hawaiian Edition of Musings: The Beginning of Beauty…Because I have encountered so many versions of Beautiful Rebels here, I may need to move Team Other’s Head Quarters to Kauai. Somehow I don’t think you all would mind. Listen to a little Jack Johnson, a little Marley, and some IZ, yeah? And dig your toes into the sand. Immerse yourself in what you love, to replenish, a la KStew or RPattz Style. But above all, be well, Lovelies.

I am Other.
Rob is Other.
Kristen is Other.
Others immerse themselves in The Happy,
and roll Novas to In-N-Out.
Embrace Your Other.

QUESTION: What do you do to replenish your fractured, tired soul? Where is YOUR Happy Place?

A/N: This Musing Moment was unBeta’d, and written while under the influence of cold medicine and Island Time. I imagine there are typos, jumbled words…eh. Don’t hate. See you next week, my Misfit Mates.
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