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I don’t usually have anything terribly witty or brilliant to say, but my friends, affiliates and readers do. I’ll RT their genius. I’ll share news of our Featured Royal Rebels: of Yore, Current and Future.  I may share my thoughts on fanfic (along with several empirical research studies *cough*) that currently own me… And food. Yes, I’m one of those peeps who tweets pictures of food on the verge of consumption, in attempts to channel my inner Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations. *shrugs* And that’s about it.


~~Let’s Discuss: Other Everywhere~~

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As I was replying to comments on the site a couple weeks ago, I realized that we needed more…SPACE. Space to talk, a forum to connect and exchange stories, pictures, recommendations, encouragement. For Others to connect with Others. There is an army of you out there, and if you’ve felt weary or reluctant about leaving comments on this website, maybe a Facebook page is more intuned to your comfort level?  Drop by and say “hey”. I think you’ll find some familiar faces…And lotsa pretty pictures…of course. 


~~Drop A Line~~

Drop me a private message to say hey or to discuss  Kristen’s supreme awesomeness. Another option: talk to me about your  own personal journey of embracing your Otherness. I love hearing what you have to say. Your letters and emails make me smile and inspire me beyond the clouds. With every single thoughtful, soulful, witty note you send my way, you further convince me that readers of Musings on Other Queens are the quirkiest, funniest and most extraordinary people in the fandom. I try my best to reply to your words, though it often takes me a bit longer than I would prefer. That is because I am a [over] thinker (much like our Other Queen Kristen) and my intention is always to convey respect for you and the time you invested into writing me. Gah! Or just write me to send your thoughts on any books and fic that has you totally enthralled, the newest musicians you’ve recently discovered, or the newest surfaced pictures of our Royal Rebels that render you speechless. I just love encountering your brilliance and inspiring energy.

Talk soon! xo , KJ

One Response to “Contact MOO”

  1. Balsam August 8, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    I’m not like all the others like a famous person but you deserve all the love, respect, beauty and a lot <<so i love u so much

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